We help foreigners find their dream job by providing an easy way to access a vast amount of jobs in China.

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Who we are?

GreatJobWall (GJW) is a platform where foreigners can find their dream job in China among all the vacancies posted every day.

Founders Sander (Dutch) and Jerome (Chinese), experienced in job seeking and hiring in China, recognized the need to develop an industry-leading career website. The website aims to help foreigners to find jobs and companies that fit their life. Stepping out of their comfort zone, embrace risk and make changes in life that can lead to real personal growth.

Culture and diversity

Understanding culture and diversity is required in order to build a community around the GreatJobWall, for it influences users’ views and emotions.

The GreatJobWall has a cultural group of people from different nationalities, which provides unique strengths and perspectives that we can benefit from. Having done plenty of research to identify our competitors and being in the same position as our users, we believe the genuinity for our users will be our strongest value.

Expanding your world

Besides offering a large quantity of job vacancies we want to take our service a step further.

Living and working abroad is an aspiration for many, but it can seem like a far-fetched goal. We are here to tell people it can be done and we offer our service to achieve that goal. Besides our job vacancies we feel it is our responsibility to also inform our users about the culture and life in China, including Work Permit and Visa Policy changes, etc., making sure they are comfortable with both the job and the location.

Get Started!

Finding a job can be stressful and consume a lot of time.

We like to keep it simple! Start off by browsing through our job vacancies and have a look at our articles specially written for our users to make life easier in China. Still not fully convinced? Feel free to contact our customer friendly help service (English or Mandarin) and we will guarantee you a pleasant experience with us!