September 29, 2018 culture
How To Attend Chinese Weddings As A Guest?
China’s National Day holiday is also known as the wedding holiday, did you get any wedding invitations from one of your Chinese friends? Don’t forget to read our article first before attending the Chinese wedding, or perhaps in the future, you will have one yourself!
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September 26, 2018 travel
How To Obtain A Chinese Driver's License?
Driving in China will definitely give you another new experience. The question, however, is how to get a Chinese driver's license? Unfortunately, China has not yet signed the international convention so it cannot accept IDPS (International Driving Permits).
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September 24, 2018 travel
Urgent Visa Reissue Service Starts From Sep. 1st For Foreigners
The National Immigration Bureau announced at the press conference on August 28 that since September 1st, foreigners in China who lose their passports can apply for an urgent visa reissue.
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September 22, 2018 weather
How Do Typhoons Get Their Names?
The most recent Typhoon Mangkhut, which is said to be this year's strongest storm to have hit China, barrelled through the Pearl River Delta on Sunday, leaving a trail of damage, flooding, and injuries in its wake and forcing the closure of schools, markets, and most public services across Guangdong.
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