September 1, 2018 jobs
Get Chinese Work Permit Without Two-Year Work Experience For Fresh Graduates!
It is known that foreigners who have the intention to work in China must apply and hold a work permit. One of the conditions is that the applicant needs to have two years working experience.
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August 31, 2018 travel
5 Valuable Tips For A Cheap Trip In China
There is always something new and fun to do when you travel to China, no matter if you plan to visit a modern city or a small village. Here are some valuable tips for you to know before you start a low-cost trip through China!
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August 30, 2018 education
Great Apps For Learning Mandarin In 2018
These days, there are apps for just about everything, let along apps for learning Mandarin Chinese. Chinese apps could be an awesome addition to your learning toolbox, right alongside Chinese shows, textbooks, songs, and movies!
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August 27, 2018 culture
How Did The Giant Panda Become China's National Symbol?
What is your first impression when thinking about China? FOOD? DRAGON? Or... PANDA?
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