10 Questions You Should Ask During A Job Interview
By Sander July 9, 2018 3 min read

Many job seekers focus too much on answering the questions asked by employers. They forget they are also there to ask questions. Asking the right questions at a job interview is important because it also shows your capabilities and characteristics. Also, this is a good opportunity to find out if this particular job is the right fit for you.

1. What is the philosophy of this company/organization
This is a great question to show your interest in the company/organization. At the same time, it gives you better insight into the company. Make sure the company is growing so you can grow with the company.

2. Describe the culture of the company/organization.
Are you a good fit for this particular organization? Make sure you are comfortable with the culture and the dynamic of the company.

3. How does this company define and measure success? 
Companies have their different way in defining and measuring success, hence it is important to have a global understanding of your own success will be measured.

4. Do you offer education and professional training? 
This question makes it clear that you are interested in gaining more knowledge and not afraid of challenges.

5. What do you enjoy most about working here? 
Most likely the interviewer is involved in the company for quite some time. Showing interest in this person will result in a possible good working relationship in the future. Don't expect any negative answer thou.

6. Can you tell me about the team I’ll be working with? 
Assuming that you will get this job and you are excited to get to know the team.

7. What is the typical career path for someone in this role? 
This question helps you making clear how career advancements work within the organization. 

8. What will be the biggest challenges for this job?
Find out what your employer’s expectations are for the person in this position.

9. What will make my workplace a pleasant and stimulating place? 
Working at a workplace that suits you will add up to your results. Make sure to not leave this question out and the Employer might show you around already.

10. What is the next step in the process? 
This is the last important question and one you should definitely ask. It shows that your interested and would like to move along in the process. At the same time, this question might reveal how many other contestants are running for this position.

source: GreatJobWall