3 Steps To Use Chopsticks Like A Chinese
By Milly September 6, 2018 2 min read

Chopsticks are common eating tools in China and are part of the Chinese food culture. Some foreigners find it difficult to use chopsticks but will find themselves confident and talented enough when they can finally handle it. Now let’s have a look at how to put your chopsticks in your hand!

Step 1: Align the chopsticks.

Step 2: Put one chopstick on the third finger and grasp it with your thumb and index finger. 

 Step 3: Curl your middle finger and index finger, put the other one on your middle finger while using your thumb and index finger to help grasp it.

In general, the chopsticks on the top are controlled by the thumb, forefinger and middle finger: the thumb and middle finger are pinched, the upper one can move; 

General usage of chopsticks, Source

The chopsticks on the bottom should be fixed (usually pressed by ring fingers), and just move the top chopsticks to clip the food. 

source: Chinlingo