5 Valuable Tips For A Cheap Trip In China
By Milly August 31, 2018 3 min read

There is always something new and fun to do when you travel to China, no matter if you plan to visit a modern city or a small village. Here are some valuable tips for you to know before you start a low-cost trip through China!

1. Avoid Western Restaurants

It’s hard to not miss western food, yet such restaurants in China are usually pricey and not very good. The longer you plan to stay in China, the better it is to try some street food. If you only have a few days, you’ll want to be pretty careful about what you eat if you don’t want to spend the whole trip in the bathroom. When the street food comes right off an open flame, out of boiling hot water or a cloud of steam, it's usually good.

2. Give up on tour guides in major cities
Even if you do not speak Chinese, you’ll have no trouble getting to and around the Forbidden City and Great Wall in Beijing, the Shanghai Museum, and other major sites in China’s biggest cities. Ask your hotel to write out the Chinese characters to show taxi drivers or use a translation app on your phone.

3. Take the train, subway, and public bus

China has an impressive train network that thrifty travelers should definitely take advantage of. In China, you can use CHR fast train or the cheap Green Train with the view of the countryside, like water buffalo in the rice paddies and the most breathtaking scenery. In some major cities, the subway is a very convenient way to move around between sites. Buses in China cost around 1-2 RMB per time, which is really a wise choice if you can speak a little Chinese already.

4. Make use of Chinese travel agencies
You can get very cheap trips to China’s best sights by signing up for Chinese tours. Occasionally travel agencies promote their tours in favorable prices and arrange most of the part for your trip. The only problem is that sometimes the trip does not cover your interest. Meaning you may need to book an extra trip.

5. Share or rent a bike and use Didi
Even today, most Chinese people get around the cities on a bicycle, thereby avoiding traffic and saving money on taxi fares. If you use Didi, a car calling platform, you won’t need to worry about being cheated by unscrupulous cab drivers because the price is displayed in the app itself.

Start your trip to China and have a very impressive journey now!

source: GreatJobWall