How To Attend Chinese Weddings As A Guest?
By Milly September 29, 2018 3 min read

China’s National Day holiday is also known as the wedding holiday, did you get any wedding invitations from one of your Chinese friends? Don’t forget to read our article first before attending the Chinese wedding, or perhaps in the future, you will have one yourself!

Nowadays the modern Chinese wedding is more simple, but still retains the essence of tradition. Usually, the wedding ceremony is held in the hall of a hotel or in the home of the groom or bride.

The entire wedding's main color is red, which represents happiness, luck, morality, happiness, and propitiousness. But now white color becomes more and more popular due to the influence of western weddings. The groom will wear a suit and the bride will wear a white wedding dress. Most of the couples choose to have two outfits ready so they can have both Chinese and western style.

You could wear something red instead, such as a red tie. Don’t forget to bring a red envelope with money. The amount given is usually one of the lucky numbers, like 188,288,588,600,666,688,800,998,1000 etc., based on your relationship with the bride and groom.

Wedding ceremony
Don’t be surprised if you know no one except the couple. Chinese wedding has guests ranging from the couple’s relatives, friends, to people they don’t even know!. The more, the better, as the Chinese say. When the wedding begins, the bride will be held by her parents and brought in front of the groom as in Western Weddings.a. But in some places, the groom has to pass several tests before meeting the bride, such as a drinking test or a riddle test. After meeting each other, the new couple will vow and cross the wrists to drink up the wine in the cups, which means they become one.

Kneel or bow in front of their parents and serve them tea, they will thank the audience and then the “drinking war” will start. The groom has to go around each table and make a toast to everyone without any decline. This seems never-ending.

In some weddings that are not held in hotels, a celebration in the bridal chamber is the final part. The purpose was to spread the sex knowledge and invoke a blessing, but nowadays it’s just for fun.

To be invited to a Chinese wedding is a great honor, which shows your firm friendship with the couple. Bring your blessings and enjoy yourself, I'm sure you'll get a different, funny, and great experience.

source: GreatJobWall