How To Obtain A Chinese Driver's License?
By Milly September 26, 2018 3 min read

Driving in China will definitely give you another new experience. The question, however, is how to get a Chinese driver's license? Unfortunately, China has not yet signed the international convention so it cannot accept IDPS (International Driving Permits).

Temporary driving permit
If you’re a Tourist and would like to get a temporary driving permit for a maximum of three months, the good news is that you don’t need to pass any extra exam. Normally, you can obtain this at the traffic police department in the current city, and for Beijing and other large cities, it can be even obtained directly at the airport.

Required Documents: 

  • Your home country national driver's license
  • International Driving Permit.
  • Chinese translation of the foreign driver's license (consult the embassy to get the translation agencies).
  • Completed application form.
  • A hotel booking for at least one day.
  • Three one-inch color photos with a white background.

Chinese driver's license (Already obtained an active driver's license in your country)
A Chinese driver's license is firstly valid for 6 years, you need to make an appointment and pass a written exam at the local traffic police department. To pass it, you need to answer 100 multiple choice questions in 45 minutes and score at least 90%. Luckily, you have 2 chances, or you need to wait at least 20 days for the next try. Most exams are in English and Chinese, but in some of the bigger cities, you may even find exams in languages such as Spanish, French, German or Arabic.

Online Chinese Driving test

Required Documents:

  • Passport and residence permit or Chinese Visa with at least three months of validity
  • Record of temporary residence registration obtained at the local police station
  • driver's license from your home country
  • Certified and notarized translation of the driver's license from the home country to the Chinese language (In many places, such as Beijing, you only need to provide a translation signed by a Chinese national and bring the copy of his/her ID card).
  • Medical certificate (complete health check-up at a city hospital appointed by the traffic police department).
  • Three to five one-inch color photos with a white background.

Chinese driver's license (No driver's license and applying for the first time)
If you have a temporary or permanent residency permit but no driver's license from your home country, you can still get a driver's license in China if you’re an adult. You need to go through the following tests first:


  • Written exam on laws and traffic.
  • regulations and basic concepts of vehicles (100 questions).
  • Parking and basic driving skills test on a track.
  • Road test.
  • Written exam on correct driving habits (50 questions).

Required Documents: 

  • Passport and residency permit with at least 3 months of validity
  • Record of temporary residency obtained at the local police station
  • Medical certificate
  • Three to five one-inch color photos with a white background.
Renewing or Extending your Chinese driver's license You should apply for renewal of the license at the China Police Vehicle Administration within 90 days before its expiration date without having to do the test again. Then you can have a license with a 10-year effective period if the penalty points are less than 12 in each of the past six years.
Required Documents:
  • Residence Permit.
  • Passport with a valid Chinese visa.
  • Original Chinese driver's license.
  • A 1-inch Digital color photo with a white background.
  • Medical Check-Up Report.
One thing you should also know is that you need a Chinese name on your Chinese driver's license, now get a Chinese driver's license and enjoy your road trip through China, more fun on the way!
source: GreatJobWall