How To Use A Chinese Bathroom?
By Milly September 7, 2018 2 min read

It is a fact that living in Asia brings a lot of culture shocks to westerners, and when it comes to daily necessary things like using a bathroom, you might encounter a few surprises! Here’s everything you need to know before going to the bathroom and squat in China. Take a read, you won’t regret it when your body is relieved and your pants are still dry.

China is a BYOTP country
BYOTP (Bring Your Own Toilet Paper), be aware of the first rule you need to remember. In some of the more upscale, fancy, or international places, toilet paper is provided. Just in case, keep a pack of pocket tissues with you at all times.

Do not flush toilet paper
It might be okay flushing one piece by accident, two is pretty much a sin. Toilet paper trash cans are usually beside toilets and don’t be surprised if it’s full of papers inside already.

The proper method

Face the right way, avoid this common mistake: Don’t go over the hole – by going over the opposite end (the end without the hole), you avoid any sort of splashing or the like. Drop your pants to your ankles and place your feet accordingly on footholds if there are any. One important thing for squat is don’t try and level off at 90 degrees which is uncomfortable and less accurate. The lower you go, the more stable you are. Take note of point “B” in the diagram. For men, aiming with one hand and pulling pants forward a bit with the other helps get balances. 

If there’s a pedal to start the running water, tap it to flush the toilet. Then it is time to go out and wash your hands carefully.

After a few practices, you’ll be successful and enjoy your bowel cleaning journey! 

source: HiTouch