North Or South China, Which Is Your Favourite?
By Milly September 15, 2018 2 min read

If you consider all Chinese as the same stereotype, then you will have some problems understanding the distinctions and differences between the Chinese from the north and the Chinese from the south of China. The border to define these zones are two continental cratons, edges merging near the Huai River as it shows in the following map.

The Northern and Southern part of China

As believed to be emperors, leaders, heroes, and conquerors throughout history, the Northern Chinese are usually rowdy, loud, animated, free-spirited, honest to a fault, loyal, and full of ‘yang’ (masculine).

On the other hand, stereotypically, Southerners are people reared in the pleasure-dome of abundance, raised on rolling rice fields. As a result, they become cultured, erudite, soft and refined, fond of art as well as industry.

Characteristics of South Chinese Vs North Chinese

Generally, the Northern Chinese have taller, broader body type, smaller eyes, and long faces; the Southern Chinese have shorter, narrower body types, rounder faces, bigger eyes with double eyelids.

Typical Face in Southern China

Typical Face Northern China

Food and Cultivation
The South enjoys rice cultivation while the Northerners appreciate more noodles, dumplings and other wheat-based foods. Fruit-wise, the North produces apples, melons, and peaches, while the South produces more tropical fruits such as mangoes, bananas, coconuts, and litchis. Root-based vegetables are seen in the north when the South produces leafy vegetables.

Typical food which is eaten in Southern and Northern China

When staying in China, you’ll definitely find both sides very interesting in different aspects. After all, it is the diversity that makes the culture so fascinating, isn’t it?

source: GreatJobWall