The History Of October 1st, National Day Of China
By Milly October 1, 2018 2 min read

China’s National Day, also known as the National Day of the People’s Republic of China, is celebrated every year from the 1st to the 7th of October. Chinese people get a week-long holiday so they usually travel to various places while some of them prefer to stay home and relax. So how did the National Day of China come to its existence?

The 1 October 1949 Ceremony and Parade
On Saturday 1 October 1949, the inauguration of the People's Republic was proclaimed by Chairman Mao Zedong atop the Gate of Heavenly Peace (Tiananmen Gate), who credited to have uttered at this occasion the words that "the Chinese people have stood up" after long time wars. Since then the People's Republic has been established, proclaiming the installment of the new Central People's government and liberating the Chinese people.

Military Review & Parade at Tiananmen Square 
The most representative military reviews are those during the founding ceremony, the 5th, 10th, 35th, 50th and 60th anniversary, every 10 years after 1984 (1949 - 1984 was every year) which you could feel the morale of Chinese armies. Parades by people to express their patriotic feelings are also very common all over China.

Other Celebration Activities
National flag-raising ceremonies, firework displays, and exhibitions of painting or dancing/singing shows are popular these days. Many big discounts/deals are given by store owners all over China, which is ideal for anyone who likes shopping.

Celebrate China’s National Day with the local people, feel the atmosphere and don’t forget to go shopping in the meanwhile!

source: GreatJobWall