Urgent Visa Reissue Service Starts From Sep. 1st For Foreigners
By Milly September 24, 2018 2 min read

The National Immigration Bureau announced at the press conference on August 28 that since September 1st, foreigners in China who lose their passports can apply for an urgent visa reissue.

The urgent visa reissue service is available for the following situations:

  • Foreigners whose passports are lost and who urgently need to make up visas to leave China.
  • The foreign crew member and his accompanying family members urgently need to apply for a staying permit to leave the port city and leave China.
  • A member of a foreign tourism team urgently needs to apply for a group visa to separately leaving from China.

Another good news is that the Regulations on the Administration of Entry and Exit of Foreigners of the People's Republic of China announced that foreigners applying for visa extension, replacement and application for staying documents shall be accepted and issued by the immigration administration within 7 working days.

What should I do if I lost my passport

What to do when you actually lose your passport? Here are 3 steps to regain a new passport:

Step 1. Obtain a "Receipt of Report" from the Police Station. The loss or theft of a foreign passport must first be reported to the Police Station closest to where the loss/theft occurred. A receipt will be issued by the Police Station.

Step 2. Obtain a "Confirmation of Reporting the Loss of Passport" from the Exit and Entry Administration Department.

Step 3. Look up for your nearest embassy. Check the closest embassy of your country and go to apply for a new passport with the documents you have above or on the required list of the embassy.

What needs to be noticed is that this policy is a national one so it should be applied China-wide. However, typically it starts in Beijing or Shanghai first and then the policy will be rolled out countrywide.

source: The State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs