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Interior designers in Hangzhou Company
1461 Views, Posted 10 months ago
18000 - 20000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none
Graphic designer
2527 Views, Posted 2 years ago
15000 - 25000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none
Graphic designer in Hangzhou
2534 Views, Posted 2 years ago
15000 - 25000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none

About Us

Hangzhou Amanda’s Education Consultancy Co., Ltd. is professional education consultancy company engaged in developing the field of cultural education consultancy, professional language training, and job-hunting consultancy for foreign educators.

Due to our unique advantages and past successes, as well as the continued long-term cooperation with various overseas organizations, our company supplies outstanding foreign teachers for primary and middle schools, kindergartens, and private training centers. Acting as a bridge for effective communication between Chinese culture and western cultures, we have successfully introduced many great foreign employees to China, thus providing a host of solutions for the schools and companies that urgently need foreign teachers, but have no means to acquire or implement them.

Our company has set up professional language training programs such as English training classes that enable our customers to start speaking English within 72 hours! Our aim is to provide professional language training in a practical and effective manner, to teach the trainees how to master scientific learning methods in a short time, and to achieve the objective of language application as soon as possible.

In addition, we offer the following points to consider:

AEC-organized classes are taught by qualified foreign teachers.
Our network allows cooperation with several reputable educational training schools
Currently, our talent resources are comprised of teachers from the USA, Canada, UK, France, Australia, and New Zealand... and the list continues to grow!
AEC updates and maintains an up-to-date profile of teachers, so you don't need to guess about availability or location!
Registered part-time trainers are also included as part of the AEC team!

At this time, AEC is recruiting and placing professional foreign teachers who can teach English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Our teachers are able to provide the trainees with customized study plans and individual training. Some of the trainees accepted into our language training include managers and employees in local Chinese companies; as well as personnel from industries such as Import and Export, Marketplaces, Advertising Companies, Cultural Companies, IT, Restaurants, Tourism and other Hospitality / Service Industries.

The purpose of training is to improve the usage of English expressions, communication abilities, and to enhance understanding of international culture