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Medical doctor
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《多学科》《MIMCC》企业品牌;主要在国内经营组织学术交流;医学专家资源下沉;基层 医疗技术帮扶及国际访问交流等工作;
品牌在国内经过两年的市场沉淀,目前与近 2000 所医疗机构建立合作;合作机构以地方二 级、三级专科医院、外资国际医院、专业康复机构为主。 为推动国际交流、远程会诊、外籍专家引进;先后与:WHO 世界卫生组织;ANC 非洲人国民 大会;美国、英国、加拿大、瑞士、意大利、日本、俄罗斯等多国医学研究所、医疗机构建 立深度交流合作 推动双方共同发展;配合实施健康中国战略,助力健康中国建设,关注健 康事业发展,传播正确健康理念,促进实践经验交流。Multi disciplinary international medical cooperation platform" is the enterprise brand of "multi disciplinary" and "mimcc" registered by the Chinese medical intelligent collection medical technology development center in the national intellectual property registration; it mainly organizes academic exchanges in domestic business organizations; helps the grass-roots medical technology promotion and international visits to academic exchanges, etc; After two years of market precipitation in China, the center has established cooperation with more than 2000 medical institutions, mainly public hospitals, specialized hospitals, foreign-funded international hospitals and professional rehabilitation institutions. In order to promote international exchanges, remote consultation and the introduction of foreign experts, we have established exchanges and cooperation with the World Health Organization, the ANC African National Congress, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Russia and other multinational medical research institutes and medical institutions, We will promote medical development of both sides, help international health construction, focus on the development of health undertakings, disseminate correct health concepts, and promote exchanges of practical experience.