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About Us

Isadora Duncan was born in America in 1877. She was a dancer and an educator who influenced dance history around the world. Her dance philosophy had such a powerful impact on the development of modern dance that she is recognized as the “Mother of Modern Dance”worldwide.
While the dance artin Europe was permeated with conventional ideas valuing order and unity in theearly 20th Century, Isadora, who loved dance since young, distilled feelings andexperiences from her soul and created a free-form dance based on ancient Greek arts.Breaking costume taboos she danced freely and bare-footedly on the stage in along dress, exploring beyond the limit of her limbs to champion the expression of a dancer’s soul. This brand-new dance philosophy is free from the hollowness and mechanism of traditional dance. It expresses the emotions and desires that rise from the soul. It touches the audience from a whole new perspective and with areal power. Thus she changed the whole dance world!

Isadora believes that dance should focus on the inner feelings of dancers. It is the expression of their thoughts. Dance should be the full demonstration of human thoughts through body language instead of an interpretation of formalism. Isadora was the first person who brought the soul into body language. Her dance provides anever-felt experience for audiences and her actual performances have inspired other dancers to build up confidence.
In 1904, Isadora started her first Duncan Dance Academy in Germany, later on in France,Russia, Greece, Brazil, and America. Different from other stereotyped dance schools, her school philosophy is all about the freedom of dance. Isadora decorated her dance classroom as artistic space, where dancers may perform among artworks and sculptures. She would bring them to dance in the forest, to feel Nature, teaching them to listen to the world by heart. The Duncan Dance Academy is now gaining popularity with its unique charm globally; it is a place full of dreams. Attracted by its fame, numerous students are joining DDA with a strong sense of honor and pride.

In 2012, Duncan Dance Academy (DDA)established its campus in Shenzhen, China. The Artistic Director of DDA is LoriBelilove, a third generation Duncan dancer, a world-recognized American dance educator, and the Director of the Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation (IDDF) in NewYork City. The General Principal of DDA in China is Jennafer Jones, a senior dance educator from America. T