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[Remote] PC-game community manager
241 Views, Posted 4 months ago
10000 - 20000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none
Marketing Manager at Video Game Studio
418 Views, Posted a year ago
12000 - 22000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none
Community Manager at Video Game Studio
454 Views, Posted a year ago
10000 - 20000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none
Overseas Product Marketing
2493 Views, Posted a year ago
15000 - 20000 RMB/Month | full-time | other | none

About Us

[Our Story]
In 2016, because we had a common dream, we decided to found Multiverse (猫踢歪游戏/摩登世纪科技). This dream is to become a global video game company that all players are familiar with, like Blizzard, Bungie or Naughty Dog.
We are a group of senior game developers who pursue creativity and fresh gameplay. We have geeks from Stanford University and worldwide video game companies, as well as gamers who have never been to school but self-studied their way up to the top . We also have a series of award-winning independent game developer, pianist, art instructors, textbook writer, hacker, rock singers, speech master, PPT-master and National E-sports champion.
We are working on several exciting new products, including "Earth From Another Sun" (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch), "League of Wannabes" (Mobile) and "Reveries: Dream Flight" (Mobile).
The team's previous product "Seeking Dawn" is one of the largest VR games in the world in terms of scale and sales, and we've got a whole wall full of awards. "Reveries: Dream Flight" is the Chinese VR game currently with the highest score worldwide. Casual games developed by the team have been downloaded more than 30 million times throughout the world.
We have made independent games that sell well all over the world, and we also have millions of dollars in venture capital. What's more, we have an excellent team, which lays a solid foundation for the continuous production of blockbusters.

[Our Mission]
Our mission is to continue to create fresh and excellent games. We have very high expectations of every one of us and we've set a huge objective which is to make every game we develop extremely popular! Even if it seems difficult to achieve, who said that it is impossible to make every product a blockbuster? We're going to challenge this myth, we've done it before, and we will continue to do so in the future. In the five years later that are yet to come, we will let the world know Multiverse!

[Talk to us]
Talk to us now. We really want to know you, even if we just make friends first!