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Online English Video Actor or Actress
592 Views, Posted 4 months ago
200 - 300 RMB/Month | part-time | Other | none
American Actor (male and female)
1880 Views, Posted a year ago
250 - 300 RMB/Month | part-time | Other | none

About Us

As a subsidiary of Beijing Yuanpei Xinmin Educational Technology Development Co., LTD, and with the lofty guidance of Peking University as its starting point, PKU College is a high quality, comprehensive and professional PreK-12 (Preschool to High School) educational institute. PKU College is made of many facets including preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, teacher training, management consultation, teaching material production, and much more in the education field.

Consider the name “PKU College.” For us, “PKU” embodies the pursuit of excellence and innovative humanistic spirit that characterizes Peking University, while “College” points to the absorption of ideas from a western collegiate education into an education steeped in traditional Chinese virtue. Together, PKU College strives to cultivate its students into upstanding citizens with outstanding leadership potential, creativity and international perspective. We make earnest efforts to support China’s national educational innovation, and to do our duty of passing on our national cultural heritage to the next generation.

In its position as the country’s premier educational institution, PKU College operates three major platforms: research, training and schools. The three platforms have attracted the attention of many senior education specialists both nationwide and worldwide. Our unique Panoramic Pedagogy consists of school education, family education, parental education and social education. We are committed to preparing students for the real life challenges that face them.

》》Our Mission

To cultivate our students to become great Chinese and world citizens with remarkable leadership, creativity and international perspectives.

》》Educational Philosophy

Three-Dimensional Education and High-Dimensional Achievements.

》》Educational Goals

·Advocate students' love for nature
·Enlighten the development of their individual identity
·Build the abundance of mentality
·Cultivate the future leaders