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International Financial Assistant
209 Views, Posted 3 months ago
5000 - 15000 RMB/Month | part-time | Other | none
International Financial Interns
220 Views, Posted 3 months ago
5000 - 15000 RMB/Month | part-time | Other | none
International bond Advisor
131 Views, Posted 6 months ago
6000 - 30000 RMB/Month | part-time | Other | none
International financial interns
143 Views, Posted 6 months ago
5000 - 15000 RMB/Month | part-time | Other | none

About Us

SEND KING GROUP Introduction:
SEND KING GROUP originated from the Guangzhou Golden Jubilee Credit Guarantee Company established in 1998. After 21 years of precipitation, it has developed into a leading domestic comprehensive financial service platform. In combination with many years of capital operations and risk prevention and control advantages,SEND KING GROUP is committed to financial service innovation. Its main business now covers equity investment, wealth management, financial advisors and other financial services areas, and continues to pay attention to and incubate the rapid growth of contemporary China.
The Grand Golden Jubilee is based in Changsha and has a nationwide market layout. At present, there are more than 100 regional and branch companies nationwide, and a complete set of risk management systems has been established and improved. In the pre-investment, investment in China, and investment after the implementation of the full business chain risk management, to ensure the safety of capital investment and income, to achieve 21 years of "zero default" security operations.
Shanda Golden Jubilee has a complete talent training system and has a professional financial training service organization, Shanda Golden Jubilee Financial Business School, which provides relevant value-added services for the investors and cooperative companies it serves.
The company's official website: jinxi88.com
Company official WeChat: sdjx 1998
Headquarters Address: No. 288 Furong Middle Road, Kaifu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province