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Thailand cook
703 Views, Posted 7 months ago
6000 - 8000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none
Beverage Consultant
146 Views, Posted 7 months ago
4000 - 8000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none

About Us

上海臻杰实业有限公司成立于2009年, 隶属于深圳市祥裕集团(国际)有限公司,主要经营来自不同国家的著名品牌的食品和调味品。祥裕集团在食品行业已有23年的发展历史,至今已成为国内进口食品行业最主要代理商之一,目前经营的主要业务有高端调味品、粮油副食品、烘焙原料、乳制品、水果加工产品。


1、荷兰 皇家菲仕兰旗下的乳制品系列,包括黑白淡奶、金多淡奶等。
2、美国Del Monte 旗下的地扪番茄沙司,地扪玉米粒,地扪玉米羹等。
3、新加坡 龟甲万 旗下的万字酱油系列等。
4、马来西亚 yeo’s旗下的杨协成沙爹酱系列等。
5、澳大利亚 Paul保利牛奶系列等。
6、香港 狮唛大吉士粉系列等。


Shanghai Tanjie Industrial Co. Ltd..
Shanghai Tanjie Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and is affiliated with Shenzhen Xiangyu Group(International) Co., Ltd.. It mainly operates food and condiments from famous brands in different countries. Xiangyu Group has been developing in the food industry for 23 years and has so far become one of the most important agents in the domestic imported food industry. At present, the main business is high-end condiments, grain and oil sideline products, baking materials, dairy products, and fruit processing products.
The company has high-quality products, high-quality sales team, system transportation channels, huge storage capacity. As a well-known import food agency company, with its headquarters in Shenzhen as the center, it has established 13 subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Wuhan, Xi'an, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou and Lanzhou. It is a trading company with strong combined strength.
The company has become a partner with a number of multinational giant companies. The main products are as follows:
1, the Dutch Royal Fischer's dairy products series, including black and white milk, gold milk and so on.
2, the United States Del Monte's ground tomato sauce, ground corn, ground corn, etc..
3, Singapore Turtle Turtle Wan's ten thousand words soy sauce series.
4, Malaysian Yeo's Yangxiecheng sauce series and so on.
5, Australian Paulbaoli milk series.
6, Hong Kong lions, large Gishi powder series and so on.
7, parent company-Shenzhen Xiangyu Group Co., Ltd.'s hundreds of products, including fats, sauces, potato starch, canned fruit and other products.
"Integrity management, customer first" is the management and service purpose of the company. We hope to work hard to become the industry's leader and bring healthy food to our customers.
The company has a good platform and development space, l