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Hubei Engineering Design & Research Institute
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Job responsibilities:

1. Conceived according to customer requirements and design requirements, organized and completed the scheme design and drew the scheme design drawings;

2. Organize and guide the performance of effect drawings and the deepening of construction drawings to meet the design requirements;

3. Timely organize the designer to review the project drawings, and make technical disclosure to relevant departments;

4. Reviewed important design changes and evaluated the feasibility of the changes and the impact on costs;

5. Responsible for guiding other professional designers to improve their professional design ability.

Job requirements:

1. Five-year program in architecture, bachelor's degree, more than 5 years of work experience, double first-class university;

2. At least 5 years of architectural design experience, experience in project or original design;Experience in architectural design of large grade a architectural design institute is preferred;

3. Love architectural design, have strong design ability and architectural creativity, and be familiar with domestic architectural design specifications;

4. Familiar with building codes and requirements;Proficient in computer application, familiar with photoshop, CAD, SketchUp, 3Dmax, Lumion and other drawing software and strong hand drawing ability;

5. Have strong communication and coordination skills and certain leadership and organizational skills;

6. Good professionalism, sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit. 


~5 years experience
no degree specified
full-time job
more than 15000 RMB/Month
wuhan , hubei

Hubei Engineering Design & Research Institute

Landscape Architect

wuhan / full-time / Other

Posted 3 weeks ago

Interior designer

wuhan / full-time / it/media/creative

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Logo of Hubei Engineering Design & Research Institute

Architect in wuhan

~ 5 years experience required - none - full-time - wuhan, hubei