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职位描述Position Description:

1. 负责给建筑和消防系统的图纸审核,招标文件编制以及施工检查(提交质量保证和控制报告);Responsible for architecture& fire-fighting drawings review, preparation of official documents and construction inspection (hand over QA/QC report)

2. 参与给建筑工程项目协调和管理;
Participate in architecture project coordination and management

3. 和业主、其他专业顾问、设计单位及承建单位进行协调;
Liaise and coordinate with the owner, design consultants, design institutes and contractors.

职位要求 Position Requirement:

1. 5年以上工作经验;有工业厂房建筑设计以及项目协调和管理工作经验;
At least 5 years of experience ,industrial factory building architecture design and project management

Experience in a foreign consultant company preferred;

3. 熟悉建筑设计和施工相关规范标准及其应用
Familiar with the architecture design and construction related codes and its application

4. 建筑相关专业大学本科或以上学历;
Relevant academic background, bachelor’s degree or above

Consistent high levels of dedication and teamwork spirit;

6. 具备良好的沟通协调能力
Good communication and coordination skills are desired.


~5 years experience
bachelor degree
full-time job
10000 - 15000 RMB/Month
chongqing , chongqing
engineering & manufacturing

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Architect in chongqing

~ 5 years experience required - bachelor - full-time - chongqing, chongqing