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British High School Principal ASAP

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British High School Foreign Vice Principal Needed soon in Changzhou city, Jiangsu province, China

1. Salary: 400K- 600K RMB/year;
2.Apartment: private decent apartment provided or housing allowance e provided;
3. Paid vacation: 3 months' fully paid winter/summer holidays;
4.Round-trip ticket to be paid;
5.Medical Insurance;

1. Honours Degree, Master Degree preferred;
2. At least 10 years’ teaching experience in high school education;
3.At least 3 years’ secondary school management experience; ;
4.Good Knowledge of A-level/IGCSE/CIE curriculum;
5. Prefer British Nationality;

Job description:
ThePrincipal is the chief operating officer and, as such is primarily responsiblefor direction and oversight of day-to-day school operations, educational andextracurricular programs, and administration. The Principal reports to and issubject to supervision by the Board. The duties of the Principal, which aredetermined by the Board of Directors, include the following:
• Annual Budget - Prepares and presents to the Board a proposedbudget for the ensuing fiscal year and ensures that the adopted budget isenforced. The budget includes recommendations for, among other things, tuitionand salary and benefits for administration, faculty, and staff personnel.
• Strategic Planning - Facilitates strategic planning to ensure thelong-term vision for the school and to secure its future. The Principal shallreport monthly to the Group the progress of the strategic plan.
• School Mission - The Principal implements the school’seducational mission throughout the curriculum, extracurricular programs, andday-to-day operation of the school.
• Administrative Responsibilities - The Principal oversees school operations andensures compliance with policies and procedures established by the Presidentand the Board. The Principal is responsible for submitting an annualself-evaluation to the President.
• Administrative Programs - The Principal oversees the effectiveimplementation and operation of programs for school admissions, curriculumdevelopment, supervision of students, academic programs and records,counseling, and extracurricular activities, including athletics among others.In addition, the Principal partners with the Chinese Principal to support thedevelopment of the school through recruiting of students.
• Personnel - The Principal, in consultation with the Group,hires, supervises, evaluates, and provides and promotes opportunities for theprofessional development of all certified and classified faculty and staff,other than staff personnel who report directly to the Group.
• Parent Relations - The Principal works with school parent, teacher,and student organizations, appoints faculty or staff moderators and providesappropriate administrative support. The Principal provides opportunities forpositive parent involvement. The Principle also maintains regular communicationwith parents through parent meetings that are held at least four times a year:beginning of school, Fall, prior to Chinese New Year, and before the end of theschool year.
• School Representation - The Principal represents the school at meetingsand other activities of the system, at conferences and meetings in China andabroad, and at other organizations or partnerships in which the school participates.
• Admissions - The Principal oversees the admission andrecruiting process of the high school.

Skills: bachelor degree, British Nationality, 10 years' teaching experience , 5 years' high school Management experience
Language: English


no work experience required
no degree specified
full-time job
40000 - 60000 RMB/Month
changzhou , jiangsu

Bright English Center

British High School Princpal ASAP

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British High School Principal ASAP in changzhou

~ 0 years experience required - none - full-time - changzhou, jiangsu