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Foreign English Teacher
Posted 8 hours ago
Enwise chongqing, chongqing
Job description:1、responsible for teaching English for the baby.Enwise LETS House provides three types of curriculum: A Parent-Infant class for 0-18 months (LETS & Music Interaction), a Parent-Toddler class for 18-36 months (Gym Exploration, Art Experience and Music Interaction), a Parent-Children class for 3-4 years old (Lucy's Garden and Louis' Kitchen).Job requirements:1、Native speaker2、Love children3、Major in music or education is preferredCompensation & Benefits:1、Salary:10000-15000 RMB/per month2、Housing allowance3、Paid holidaysThe "Enwise Six Core Values of Education" are:Environment: To prepare an environment that is appropriate for childrenNature: To respect the child's pace of growthWisdom: To apply knowledgeable parenting and educational techniquesInvolvement: To actively be involved in our children's activitiesSupport: To nurture the child's support networkEducare: To insist the highest-quality education and care for our children
10000 - 15000 RMB/Month | full-time | education | bachelor
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Foreign English Teacher
Posted 16 hours ago
Job responsibilities : Responsible for English oral teaching and Lessons planing for school.The kids ages: The 0-6 years old.Requirement: 20-55 years old, Caucasian race, health body, English is mother tongue, Fluent in oral English, if you have English training and teaching experience, Bachelor's degree.that will be OK. Therefore, you love children and willing to join us, please click apply!Salary: 10000-15000RMB/per month(and housing subsidies )Relate benefits: The national holiday and One way tickets to go homeWorking place: Chongqing Nanping; Jiangbei; Yubei district
10000 - 15000 RMB/Month | full-time | education | none
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Foreign English Teachers
Posted 1 week ago
BAFF chongqing, chongqing
Title: ESL teachers for teaching students above 14 years oldRequirements: Native Speaker/ TESOL certification or BA degreeSalary: basic salary, plus a housing allowance and paid holidays
5000 - 10000 RMB/Month | full-time | education | bachelor
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Foreign English Teacher
Posted 1 week ago
Requirement: 20-55 years old, the white people and a heath body, English is mother tongue, Fluent in oral English, if you have English training and teaching experience, Bachelor's degree.that will be good.Location:Jiu Long Po district, Shi Ping Qiao street.Time and wage:Part Time:Payment: 150 - 200 RMB per hour depending on needs and performanceThe compelete wage is negotiable.
5000 - 10000 RMB/Month | part-time | education | none
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Looking for one French Executive Chef
Posted 2 weeks ago
Job discribtion: 1. Take in charge of the food and serve quality of kitchen 2. Provide delicate and creative cooking to satisfy the customers(please see the pictures attached below) 3. Keep good communication with the restaurant, offer suggestions for improvment.4. Offer the guests a warm and welcomed feeling, introduce the charming of French cooking, help the French restaurant and Chinese guests build a mutual appreciate and friendship. Requirements: Must be French or European Language: Franch and EnglishWork quality: Over two years work experience in French fine dinning practicing; with work experience of serving Chinese guestsStyle: delicate, tasteful, great color matching.Personal quality: Profesional, warm hearted, creative, patient.Salary and benifits:Salary: 25000-30000RMB/ Month(negotiable) Accommodation: Nice and brandly new apartment( double bedroom) in the community.Work Meals: Provide, or depends on your interest. Traffic subsidies: Provide Working Time: can start work asap, 8 hours/day, 5 days/ week. Work for at least 1 year.
20000 - 30000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none
Logo of 重庆市江北区沃尔得英语培训有限公司
Part-time English Teacher
Posted a month ago
We now offering PT/FT foreign English teacher position.1.Job Description- Native Speaker- English teacher (age group:23-55)- Student Age group: 14-55 (Mostly Adults)- Class Size: 1:1 1:4 1:10 1:20 (English Corner) 2.Location: - Guan Yin Qiao Walking Street, Jiangbei District,  3. Time and wage:Part Time: Payment: 120 - 200 RMB per hour depending on needs and performance Full Time: 5 days a weekThe competitive wage is negotiable.
Salary not specified | part-time | education | bachelor
Logo of Ming Lian Hotel Headhunting Agency
Guest Relationship Officer
Posted 2 months ago
Guest Relation Officer Payment Standard:Subsidy Standard: 6000-9000RMB / month during the internship, depending on the location of the hotels, the consuming condition of the city, the level of the hotels and the nationality of the internships. Usually the internship would last for 6-12 months.Employment standard (aged between 20-30):Male: 170-185 CM in height, health and symmetry, good image and temperament, without bad habits, 60-80KG in weight.Female: 160-175 CM in height, health and symmetry, good image and temperament, without bad habits, 50-65KG in weight.Hotel’s responsibility:Supply accommodation, 2-4 person per room, including TV, air condition, network, cold and hot water, bedclothes, 3 meals per day and accident insurance.(1) Duties of Guest Relation Officer:1. Lead the guest to the relevant service area (like western restaurant, front desk etc.);2. Answer the guests’ inquires and provide necessary assistance and service to the guests;3. Pay close attention to the guests, communicate with them, enquire them about the impression to the hotels in the Lobby area and give a feedback to the management officers about the guests’ suggestions and advices;4. Take part in the works of the front office and the guidance of the working procedures;5. Help the colleagues in front desk solving the problems in finance, like claiming indemnity etc;6. Maintain the sequence in the lobby area and maintain the safety of guest and his property;7. Examine the reception work of VIP, and assist the general manager finishing the reception of important guest;8. Record the important things happened during duty time completely, and finish connection work.9. Communicate and coordinate the problem between each department about the guest service.
6000 - 90000 RMB/Month | part-time | Other | none
Logo of Chongqing Memo Culture communication co,LTD
Foreign teacher consultant
Posted 2 months ago
Foreign teachers consultant:Job description•​Help families choose which boarding school to apply for•​Assist parents to fill in the application forms and explain GEC's services•​Help families prepare for their children going to study overseas•​Maintain regular contact with clients and students•​Update customers’ information•​Explain methods of payment•​Ensure the information from school documents sent by the school abroad, are passed to parents and assist them to understand it where necessary. Give parental feedback to the school abroad and assist to sort out any queries/problems•​Translate school-joining packs for parents and make sure they understand Clothing Requirements etc. Communicate with the school abroad over purchases that need to be made in the UK. /US. E.g. uniform•​Translate school reports/documents for parents as necessary and giving parental feedback/queries to the school abroad•​Assist and update the school abroad•​Finish other tasks assigned by superior level.
10000 - 20000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none
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Math Teacher
Posted 2 months ago
Location: Chongqing Ages of students: 16-18 years old Workload: 20 50 minute teaching periods,Weekends off Contract duration: One year Compensation and Benefits: Monthly salary (RMB): 23,000-28,000 Health Insurance(RMB): 1680 Housing Allowance: 2000 RMB Flight Allowance (RMB):10000 when the contract finished Paid holidays: Winter and Summer holiday as well as all Chinese public holidays Visa(working visa) provided Requirements: Native speaker A bachelor's degree or above TESOL or TEFL certificate preferred 
more than 15000 RMB/Month | full-time | education | bachelor
Logo of Century 3 (Shanghai) Inc.
Posted 3 months ago
Century 3 (Shanghai) Inc. chongqing, chongqing
职位描述Position Description:1. 负责给建筑和消防系统的图纸审核,招标文件编制以及施工检查(提交质量保证和控制报告);Responsible for architecture& fire-fighting drawings review, preparation of official documents and construction inspection (hand over QA/QC report)2. 参与给建筑工程项目协调和管理;Participate in architecture project coordination and management3. 和业主、其他专业顾问、设计单位及承建单位进行协调;Liaise and coordinate with the owner, design consultants, design institutes and contractors.职位要求 Position Requirement:1. 5年以上工作经验;有工业厂房建筑设计以及项目协调和管理工作经验;At least 5 years of experience ,industrial factory building architecture design and project management2.有外国顾问/咨询公司工作经验者优先;Experience in a foreign consultant company preferred;3. 熟悉建筑设计和施工相关规范标准及其应用Familiar with the architecture design and construction related codes and its application4. 建筑相关专业大学本科或以上学历;Relevant academic background, bachelor’s degree or above5.具有团队合作精神、敬业精神;Consistent high levels of dedication and teamwork spirit;6. 具备良好的沟通协调能力Good communication and coordination skills are desired.
10000 - 15000 RMB/Month | full-time | engineering & manufacturing | bachelor