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Translation review
Posted 3 days ago
iQiYi chongqing, chongqing
Job Responsibilities:1、Review the content translated by the translation company;2、Develop translation quality standards to ensure the quality of translation。job requirements:1、Corresponding language;2、Treat work with rigor, earnest thinking and strong sense of responsibility。Language requirements:Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.Way of working:Online office Language • Chinese, Fluent • Korean, Native level • Japanese, Native level var TIAOJIAN_NUM =0;
150 - 200 RMB/Month | part-time | translation | none
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Foreign English Teacher
Posted 2 months ago
Enwise chongqing, chongqing
Job description:1、responsible for teaching English for the baby.Enwise LETS House provides three types of curriculum: A Parent-Infant class for 0-18 months (LETS & Music Interaction), a Parent-Toddler class for 18-36 months (Gym Exploration, Art Experience and Music Interaction), a Parent-Children class for 3-4 years old (Lucy's Garden and Louis' Kitchen).Job requirements:1、Native speaker2、Love children3、Major in music or education is preferredCompensation & Benefits:1、Salary:10000-15000 RMB/per month2、Housing allowance3、Paid holidaysThe "Enwise Six Core Values of Education" are:Environment: To prepare an environment that is appropriate for childrenNature: To respect the child's pace of growthWisdom: To apply knowledgeable parenting and educational techniquesInvolvement: To actively be involved in our children's activitiesSupport: To nurture the child's support networkEducare: To insist the highest-quality education and care for our children
10000 - 15000 RMB/Month | full-time | education | bachelor
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English Teachers
Posted 3 months ago
重庆工程学院 chongqing, chongqing
We are Chongqing Institute of Engineering (CQIE), a full-time ordinary institution of higher learning. Our college is dominated by Engineering, characterized by Software, Electronic Information, and coordinated with Economic Management, Humanities and Arts and etc. In order to improve students’ English ability, we are looking for 3 -5 English Teachers at the moment to join our team. Job description:Position: Full-time teacherContract Duration: full-time, one academic year Courses to Teach: Oral English for college students aged from 18 to 22 Working address: Shuangqiao or Banan District, Chongqing, China, based on the institution’s needs Days off: national legal holidays and weekendWorking Hours: from Monday to Friday, around 16—20 teaching hrs. /weekAverage Class Size: Around 40 studentsRequirements:Devotion to teaching: being responsible, patient, enthusiastic and committedNative speakers or non-native speakers without strong accentBachelor's degree or above with a certificate of TEFL/TESOL/TESL, unspecified majors, but master’s degree in English, education, ELT, TESOL etc. are preferred Teaching experience would be given a priority Must be able to commit to minimum one-year contract, and abide by laws set by government and rules by our collegeWe will provide: Airfare Allowance: return-airfare for one year contract (after finishing one year working time)Sponsor: Z visa, Resident's Permit and Foreign Expert Certificate Salary + accommodation+ air tickets (can be discussed)
Salary not specified | full-time | education | none
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Foreign English Teacher
Posted 3 months ago
Morning Star chongqing, chongqing
Job responsibilities: responsible for English oral teaching and Lessons planing for school.The kid's ages: The 0-6 years old.Requirement: 20-55 years old, the white people and a healthy body, English is mother tongue, Fluent in oral English, if you have English training and teaching experience, Bachelor's degree.that will be OK. Therefore, you love children and willing to join us, please call me!Salary: 10000-15000RMB/per month(and housing subsidies )Benefits: The national holiday and One-way tickets to go homeWorking place: Chongqing nanping; jiangbei; yubei distract
10000 - 15000 RMB/Month | full-time | education | bachelor
Logo of Century 3 (Shanghai) Inc.
Posted 3 months ago
Century 3 (Shanghai) Inc. chongqing, chongqing
职位描述Position Description:1. 负责给建筑和消防系统的图纸审核,招标文件编制以及施工检查(提交质量保证和控制报告);Responsible for architecture& fire-fighting drawings review, preparation of official documents and construction inspection (hand over QA/QC report)2. 参与给建筑工程项目协调和管理;Participate in architecture project coordination and management3. 和业主、其他专业顾问、设计单位及承建单位进行协调;Liaise and coordinate with the owner, design consultants, design institutes and contractors.职位要求 Position Requirement:1. 5年以上工作经验;有工业厂房建筑设计以及项目协调和管理工作经验;At least 5 years of experience ,industrial factory building architecture design and project management2.有外国顾问/咨询公司工作经验者优先;Experience in a foreign consultant company preferred;3. 熟悉建筑设计和施工相关规范标准及其应用Familiar with the architecture design and construction related codes and its application4. 建筑相关专业大学本科或以上学历;Relevant academic background, bachelor’s degree or above5.具有团队合作精神、敬业精神;Consistent high levels of dedication and teamwork spirit;6. 具备良好的沟通协调能力Good communication and coordination skills are desired.
10000 - 15000 RMB/Month | full-time | engineering & manufacturing | bachelor
Logo of 重庆酷特豪思玩具有限公司
Foreign English Teacher
Posted 3 months ago
Requirement: 20-55 years old, the white people and a heath body, English is mother tongue, Fluent in oral English, if you have English training and teaching experience, Bachelor's degree.that will be good.Location:Jiu Long Po district, Shi Ping Qiao street.Time and wage:Part Time:Payment: 150 - 200 RMB per hour depending on needs and performanceThe compelete wage is negotiable.
5000 - 10000 RMB/Month | part-time | education | none
Logo of shanhai zhenjie shiyeyouxiangongsi
Thailand cook
Posted 6 months ago
职责描述:1、根据门店的经营目标方针以及各项任务指标,制定菜品;2、负责菜点菜品的质量检查、控制工作,稳定和提高出品质量,亲自参与烹制泰国特色菜肴;3、主动征求客人以及前厅对菜品的质量意见,采取有效改进措施,改进工艺,不断更新和丰富菜肴品种;4、检查厨房用具及设备的清洁、安全、完好状况,检查厨房食品及其环境的清洁卫生等,检查储存原料及食品的库存数量和存放安全,发现问题及时安排解决;5、完成上级布置的其他各种工作。任职要求:1、初中以上学历;2、至少2年以上泰餐店厨师工作经验;3、工作认真负责,品行端正,无不良嗜好。Job description:1, according to the store's business goals and objectives and various task indicators, formulate dishes;2, responsible for the quality inspection and control of dishes, stable and improve the quality of production, personally participate in the cooking of Thai cuisine;3, take the initiative to solicit customers and the front office on the quality of the dishes, take effective measures to improve the process, constantly update and enrich the variety of dishes;4, check the cleanliness, safety, and integrity of kitchen utensils and equipment, check the cleanliness and hygiene of kitchen food and its environment, check the storage of raw materials and food stocks and storage safety, find out problems and arrange solutions in a timely manner;5, complete the work assigned by the superior.Post requirements:1, junior high school education or above;2, at least 2 years working experience in Thai restaurant chef;3, work seriously responsible, good conduct, no bad habits. Language • Thai, Conversational var TIAOJIAN_NUM =0;
6000 - 8000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none
Logo of shanhai zhenjie shiyeyouxiangongsi
Beverage Consultant
Posted 6 months ago
1、接待顾客的咨询,了解顾客的需求并达成销售;2、负责区域内新老客户的维护开发、产品销售;3、负责做好货品销售记录、盘点、账目核对等工作,按规定完成各项销售统计工作;4、做好所在店面的产品演示、卫生清洁等工作;5、完成上级领导交办的其他任务。岗位要求:1、在校泰国留学生;2、熟悉泰国饮品行业,并能提供建设性意见;3、热情积极、乐观主动,目标性强,热爱销售岗位,并愿意接受挑战。4、吃苦耐劳,能进行汉语交流。Job description:1, receive customer consultation, understand customer needs and achieve sales;2, responsible for the maintenance and development of new and old customers in the area, product sales;3, responsible for good sales records, inventory, account reconciliation, etc., to complete various sales statistics in accordance with the regulations;4, do a good job in the store's product demonstration, hygiene and cleaning work;5, complete the other tasks assigned by the superior leadership.Job requirements:1, Thai students at school;2, familiar with the Thai beverage industry, and can provide constructive advice;3, enthusiasm positive, optimistic initiative, strong goal, love sales position, and willing to accept challenges.4, hard work, can communicate with Chinese. Language • Thai, Conversational var TIAOJIAN_NUM =0;
4000 - 8000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none
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Admin Assistant
Posted 7 months ago
Work Functions:1.Assist daily work &arrange daily agenda;2.Meeting Room Management;3.Invoice Handover;4.Company presentation update;5.Hotel, air tickets booking for company visitors;6.Payment & related invoice issues;7.Internitional trainees prophase arrangement;8.Visitors Arrangement;9.Translation jobs;10. Other purchasing work arranged by Purchasing Manager.Requirement:Familiar with the assistant affair operation and managementExperienced in English (ENG),Good communication skills (COM),Use of PC and general programs (as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) (PC+), Skills ENG PC Language • English, Business level • Chinese, Basic var TIAOJIAN_NUM =0;
7000 - 10000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none
Logo of 重庆市江北区沃尔得英语培训有限公司
Part-time English Teacher
Posted 8 months ago
We now offering PT/FT foreign English teacher position.1.Job Description- Native Speaker- English teacher (age group:23-55)- Student Age group: 14-55 (Mostly Adults)- Class Size: 1:1 1:4 1:10 1:20 (English Corner) 2.Location: - Guan Yin Qiao Walking Street, Jiangbei District,  3. Time and wage:Part Time: Payment: 120 - 200 RMB per hour depending on needs and performance Full Time: 5 days a weekThe competitive wage is negotiable.
Salary not specified | part-time | education | bachelor