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Foreign English Teacher
Posted 2 months ago
企鹅家族英语 nanning, guangxi
Job Responsibilities:To teach two and half years old up to 8 children to learn English;Be able to give a full- English lesson and guarantee the quality of instructions;Be able to assist with demos, students renewal, market activities, etc.Be responsible for each kid's learning effectiveness and improving the satisfaction of parents;Improving self career cultivation and teaching level;Taking as own responsibility of always maintaining a good Pingu’s English reputation and a high quality customer service;Other Requirements:Bachelor degree or above, Age: 24-50 years oldRelevant English teaching experience has priorityLove children and English educational career
5000 - 10000 RMB/Month | full-time | education | bachelor
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Southeast Asian Translator
Posted a year ago
Recruitment requirements:1. The Chinese level reaches HSK6 and above, staying in China for more than 1 year, and the mother tongue level reaches the university level;2. Devoted to writing translation work, or have similar work experience, the translation work is serious and rigorous, and strives to be precise;3. Have ample spare time, can work hard, and can complete the translation task on time and quality.4. Honest and trustworthy, abiding by professional ethics, and having a strong sense of time.5. 500 rmb/dayLocation: 39 Gucheng Road, Qingxiu District
Salary not specified | part-time | translation | none