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Cold Spring Harbor Asia DNA Learning Center
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Cold Spring Harbor Asia DNA Learning Center (CSHA-DNALC) is located in Suzhou, a collaboration of the world-renowned Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) and Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) in July 2015. This new organization has the mission to deliver American-style, hands-on instruction that provides students with lab and analytical skills needed for science study at U.S. universities. We are searching for talented biologists with a passion for education outreach to help expand this new facility.

Job Description:

1. Teaching:

1) Prepare and deliver established curriculum, including individual courses, extra-curricular research projects and 5-10 day summer and winter camps.

2)Develop new projects, teaching plans and further optimize existing courses to adapt to local students.

2. Management:

1) Grasp the key points of the teaching and academic work according to the overall operational objectives of the center and manage education department staff accordingly.

2) Coordination and scheduling of courses, teacher training and reagent preparation.

3)Oversee selection, ordering, preparation and testing of lab reagents and course materials.

3. Training:

1) Coordinate with the CSHL and CSHA-DNALC to schedule appropriate teacher training exchanges in both Suzhou and New York.

2) Train new teachers and promote outstanding teachers. Supervise and give feedback on the teaching performance to ensure overall quality of programming. Work to improve the overall academic level of faculty.

4. Public Relations:

1) Work to develop and maintain relationships with school administrators, outside teachers and parents.

2) Present and promote the CSHA-DNALC at various events and in the media.

5. Others:

1) Cooperate with other departments to achieve overall performance goals.

2) Ability to accommodate occasional short-term travel.

Qualifications & Requirements: 

Job Qualification:

1. Ph.D. in molecular genetics, genomics or bioinformatics.

2. Be proficient in English and have strong written and spoken English. Be capable of English teaching.

3. Be proficient in curriculum management, teacher team management, recruitment, training and other teaching processes, and be able to work with high intensity and pressure.

4. Strong working and management ability, good communication skills with teachers, students and their parents.

5. Have good personality, optimistic and positive attitude, with excellent professionalism.

6. Be enthusiasm in education. First-line teaching or teaching management experience is preferred.

Benefits & Welfare: 

Salary and Benefits:

1. Salary: Competitive salaries are based on experience.

2. Welfare: Statutory paid vacation, supplementary commercial medical insurance, annual health checkup, meal allowance, etc.

3. Regular training: Orientation will include intensive training in interactive lab instruction and development at the flagship DNA Learning Center in Cold Spring Harbor, New York. In addition, the center will offer the enhanced teacher training.

Office Address: No. 500, Xinping Street, Suzhou Park


no work experience required
master degree
full-time job
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suzhou , jiangsu

Cold Spring Harbor Asia DNA Learning Center


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