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European and American designer

Shenzhen Amos Sweets & Food Co., Ltd.
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Job responsibilities:
1. Should be responsible for the design and marketing of product packaging and marketing, and fully display the product and brand image and characteristics;
2. Should be responsible for graphic design of exhibition, brand promotion and event promotion related materials, including POP, DM and display materials;
3. Analyze and formulate design and creative requirements, independently make conceptual design plans and output high-quality designs according to project requirements.
4. Responsible for connecting with the printing factory, following up with proofing and coloring;
5. Should have a strong color matching ability and aesthetic standard, strong sense of fashion and a keen insight into the trend;
6. Should have a strong communication and understanding ability, accurately understand the needs of customers (Europe and the United States), and constantly introduce new ideas.

Job requirement:
1. European and American people, majors in fine arts and graphic design;
2. 2-3 years of relevant work experience;
3. Familiar with all kinds of graphic design software, proficient in Photoshop, illustrator and other related software;
4. Master the methods and techniques of digital typesetting tools, understand the process of printing process, master the precautions of printing process, master the layout and production methods of books, publicity color pages, packaging and other printed materials;
5. Having strong sense of responsibility, passion and innovative;
6. Pay attention to work efficiency, maintain good communication with the team, and accurately deliver the creative design concepts.

Skills: graphic design software, Photoshop, illustrator
Language: English, Chinese is a plus


no work experience required
no degree specified
full-time job
15000 - 20000 RMB/Month
shenzhen , guangdong

Shenzhen Amos Sweets & Food Co., Ltd.

Graphic Designer

shenzhen / full-time / Other

Posted 2 years ago

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Logo of Shenzhen Amos Sweets & Food Co., Ltd.

European and American designer in shenzhen

~ 0 years experience required - none - full-time - shenzhen, guangdong