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Executive Head of Kindergarten

Shanghai Concord Bilingual School
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Duties and Responsibilities

Leadership and Management
1. To follow and implement the relevant national laws and kindergarten regulations. To follow directions and fulfill the tasks arranged by the Board. The Executive Head is fully responsible for the overall management and organization of the Kindergarten.
2. To work in collaboration with the designer in architectural design and functional planning of the Kindergarten site.
3. To be responsible for the preparation prior to the Kindergarten's opening, including, but not limited to, the fusion curriculum design, recruitment, procurement, supplier souring, organization of enrolment seminars, assessments, marketing events, etc.
4. To formulate the kindergarten's 3-year development plan; to be responsible for overall academic and pastoral care of students; to formulate annual, termly and monthly education care plans; to develop and implement internal and external monitoring, evaluate results and feedback; to adjust and improve the standard of teaching and learning throughout the Kindergarten
5. To be responsible for the staff development of teachers; to establish a regular meeting schedule in which research and development is undertaken; to develop systems of staff performance appraisal, design and formulate a unique bilingual kindergarten curriculum with the Deputy Head. To continually strive to improve the professional skill level and promote continued staff growth. To create a healthy and positive working environment.
6. To have an in-depth understanding of the EYFS and developing understanding of Shanghai Kindergarten Curriculum (Second Reform version) to formulate a bilingual curriculum that integrates both Chinese and Westen culture. To be well-informed of the latest development in pre-school education both in China and abroad, to create an environment that promotes free development and independent within the child.
7. To be responsible for overall daily management of the kindergarten, including recruitment, branding, security, procurement, school buses, catering and other registered vendors; to establish and revise management rules and operational procedures as required.
8. To maintain a strong and stable enrolment and brand marketing; to closely cooperate with the Admissions and Marketing Department in carrying out enrolment plans, assisting in marketing activities in order to achieve the recruitment targets set by the Board.

Teaching and Learning Responsibility
1. To be well-informed of the latest developments in Early Years Education both in China and abroad, to create an environment that promotes free development and independent learning within the child.
2. Lead teachers across the whole Academy, conducting regular training that contributes well to their professional development.
3. Have overall responsibility and accountability, ensuring curriculum continuity, consistency, balance, match and progression.
4. Develop, demonstrate and promote teaching and learning activities appropriate to full age and ability range.

Monitoring and Assessment
1. To be responsible for communication with parents regarding student progress. To establish regular parental communication by holding parent meetings, trainings, carrying out parental surveys. To listen and respond to parental feedback. To implement useful ideas and suggestions to maintain high quality service.
2. Monitor standards, including recorded work as relevant to responsibility areas across the Academy, including reviewing long and medium term planning.

Health and Safety
1. To establish and implement a child safety management system in kindergarten, improve the capacity of emergency management. Ensure effective training and development for all staff relating to the Safeguarding of all students.
2. To be responsible for team management of medical staff.
3. To improve the nutrition and health care system in order to prevent and control disease, improve dietary nutrition
4. To ensure the security and safety of the kindergarten for students and staff in liaison with the Operations Officer and Deputy Head.

Operational Management
1. To provide comprehensive reports to the Board about the Kindergarten’s overall operational status on a regular basis.
2. To develop operational management plans; to comply with and effectively manage the annual financial budget issued by the Board; to provide an analysis of operational data and improve the overall management standard of the school.

1. Degree/Masters/Leadership qualification in Early Years or Primary teaching.
2. 4 years or more leading within the Early Years and Key Stage 1, age 2-6 years old.
3. Experience of teaching international students and EAL.
4. EYFS curriculum from England; National Curriculum for Key Stage One from England. Sound pedagogy of EY ethos and principles.
5. Assessment and tracking systems for this age range.

1. High quality teaching and collaboration skills.
2. Effective communicator
3. Develop good working relationships and relationships with parents.
4. Create a highly inspiring, inviting learning environment that promotes independence and resilience.

Remuneration and Benefits
Details of remuneration and benefits are given in formal offer letters and contracts of employment.
Successful candidates are offered a point on the salary scale which is appropriate to their qualifications and experience. Housing allowance, return flights and full personal insurance are included in the package.

Language: English


no work experience required
no degree specified
full-time job
30000 - 40000 RMB/Month

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Executive Head of Kindergarten in Shanghai

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