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Foreign Teacher2

Suzhou Centennial College (SCC)
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Basic Job Responsibilities

  • Deliver lectures, undertake teaching tasks as arranged, maintain teaching quality as required and achieve good teaching results.
  • Undertake ideological and moral education to students, and be a paragon of virtue and learning.
  • Supervise students’ research activities.
  • Participate in subjects and programs development, as well as teaching materials design and development.
  • Conduct teaching research and scientific research projects and actively contribute to the institution’s research profile.
  • Establish collaborative links with industrial and public organizations outside the college, participate industrial practice and social practice.
  • Take part in the administrative works, including student recruitment, student management and service, etc.
  • Complete other tasks assigned by the college and the superior.

Basic Qualifications

  • Abide by laws and regulations with good character and exemplary virtue;
  • Possess professional skills and quality;
  • With good physical conditions;
  • Native English Speaker from English speaking country;
  • Be able to take up full time job.

Qualification Requirements

  • Have Master’s degree or above from prestigious universities domestic or overseas. Bachelor with rich teaching experiences will be also considered.
  • Be under the age of 45 in principle.
  • Have at least 2 years of English teaching experiences.
  • Have solid professional knowledge and academic accumulation, or rich experiences in related industrial field.
  • Priority will be given to those who meet at least one of the following requirements:
  • Have strong ability in teaching and academic research, with some researching achievements;
  • Possess intermediate professional titles, equivalently lecturer or above.
  • With high-profile in related industries, and rich experiences in the combination of “production, teaching and research” and related talent cultivation.
  • Master a second foreign language, especially Spanish.
Address: Suzhou Industrial Park


no work experience required
no degree specified
full-time job
Salary not specified
suzhou , jiangsu

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Foreign Teacher2 in suzhou

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