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Foreign trade sales

Shanghai Butian Safety Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd
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Work content:

1. Can communicate normally in spoken English, be responsible for business development in foreign markets, improve sales value, control costs, market trends, etc., report to the company's specific analysis data and reports in a timely manner, and provide reliable decision-making basis;

2. Responsible for the preparation, maintenance and maintenance of the annual marketing strategy, annual promotion plan, monthly sales plan and quantitative sales targets

3. Responsible for the maintenance, operation, product release and promotion of the company's international station, using the instant mail and mail of the international station to reply to the customer's inquiry, searching for the purchase information released by the customer, and actively contacting the customer. Actively develop new customers on international stations

4. Responsible for completing new customer development, visiting and negotiating the market and industry customer groups;

5. Grading and grading customers according to sales volume, qualifications, payment credits, etc.

6. The establishment and improvement of sales contracts, and the collection, statistics, management, classification, sorting and documentation of other marketing documents;

7. Responsible for the contact of the telephone, the company marketing platform order, the signing of the contract and the follow-up of the order;

8. Responsible for market bidding;

9. Responsible for the promotion of the company and brand, and the improvement of the company and brand image;

10. Responsible for compiling the monthly/quarter/year marketing cost and budget for financial review, and responsible for the verification of marketing expenses.

11. Responsible for the docking and coordination of the work of various departments and personnel of the company, and the agency of other positions according to the needs of the work.

12. Other work arranged by the superior leader

Post promotion channel: Foreign Trade Commissioner – Foreign Trade Supervisor – Foreign Trade Manager

Job recruitment requirements:

Education: College degree or above

Gender: no limit

Age: 18~30 years old

Physical quality requirements: good and healthy

1. Work experience: foreign trade, sales, market development, marketing job experience, foreign trade graduates can also

2, skill requirements: proficient in computer operation, will be proficient in using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook various office software, master and able to use data analysis software to analyze, summarize, summarize quality

3. Competency requirements: organizational understanding, innovation, information management, good internal coordination, external communication, conflict management, planning, stress, self-learning, cost awareness, crisis awareness

4. Principle: Obey the leadership management, do a good job of information communication, do not disclose company information, and do not harm the company's interests.

Skills: English
Language: English


no work experience required
no degree specified
full-time job
4000 - 10000 RMB/Month
shanghai , shanghai
sales & marketing

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Foreign trade sales in shanghai

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