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Group Technical Director

HQTS Group Ltd.
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Assist the executive vice President in designating the group's technology development and quality management strategy.
1. Assisted the executive vice President to establish technology development and quality management strategy and relevant budget.
2. Responsible for organizing the formulation and implementation of the technical development and quality management strategic plan, timely understanding and monitoring the implementation of the technical development strategic plan, and proposing the revision plan.
3. Analyze and judge the trend of industrial technology development, timely report to the group, and propose the suggestions.
Organize technical support for sales and operations.
1. Responsible for providing customers with technical solutions that meet the requirements.
2. Responsible for providing customers with technical analysis reports in accordance with requirements.
3. Responsible for providing customers with relevant supply chain management solutions.
4. Responsible for providing relevant test plans for customers.
5. Participated in the preparation of technical solutions for major projects, including investigating customer needs, preparing the proposal, explaining and communicating solutions.
Internal team building and management.
1. Organize the establishment and implementation of the company's technical quality management system.
2. Responsible for staff team building.
3. Strengthen cooperation between quality control departments of various institutions, allocate resources and provide technical support.
4. Conduct technical analysis and quality analysis on a regular basis, and specify preventive and corrective actions.
Responsible for the research and development of new technology.
1.Organize technology and service development and innovation.
according to the company's business development needs and situation judgment and analysis.
2. Organize and participate in the formulation of technical solutions for new projects or services.
Educational Qualifications
Master degree or above in electronics or electrical or mechanical and electrical engineering.
Working Experience
1. More than 15 years of relevant technical quality work;
2. Working as technical quality control and management in foreign retailers or their purchasing offices in China.
3. More than 5 years in the position of director or similar level.
4. Working in third-party inspection and testing industry is preferred.
Qualification Certificate and Job Training Record
1. Received the training of related technical quality management system, such as ISO90001, SA8000, etc.
2. Obtained technical certificates of domestic and foreign industries.
Character & Competency Requirement
1. Extroverted, good at contacting with the outside world to obtain information, good at independent thinking and clear expression of personal ideas to others;
2. Strong sense of responsibility and good frustration tolerance;
4. Have innovation consciousness and good team leadership ability.
6. Have strong planning, control and expression skills, and have the ability to implement the plan;
7. Strong logical thinking ability and adaptability, quick thinking.
8. Have learning ability and study spirit;
Working Skill Requirements
1. Familiar with various relevant technical quality control analysis tools, such as RCCA/PPAP/APQP/RCCA
2. Understand domestic and foreign industry standards and inspection and testing standards of relevant products;
3. Familiar with supply chain management system;
4. Team leadership experience;
5. Good business negotiation skills;
6. Strong creativity, abstract thinking ability, inductive ability, logical analysis ability and project management ability;
7. Good communication and coordination ability, able to organize and coordinate the implementation of relevant departments
8. Have the ability to shape and transform the working process;
9. Familiar with various office software applications;
10. Fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing.




• English, Fluent

This job has specific requirements you’ll need to meet to be eligible
for consideration. Check the following before applying.

More than 15 years of relevant technical quality work;

**You must check and pass the requirements above
before you can apply**



no work experience required
no degree specified
full-time job
300000 - 400000 RMB/Month
shanghai , shanghai

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