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工作内容 Job Duties:
1. 主导集团境外投资以及东南亚投资国政策法规知识库的收集维护工作,承担相关政策法规(投资、反垄断、税务、劳工、安全、合规等)的收集、整理、分析、研究等工作,负责策划和实施法律相关的公司内部培训。
Acquire and maintain the database of laws and regulations in Group’s overseas invested country (especially in south-east Asia);
Be liable for the collection, sorting, analysis and research of the related laws and regulations (include but not limited to Investment Law, Antitrust Law, Tax Law, Labour Laws, Security Law and Legal Compliance);
Be liable for the planning and the implementing of the internal training related to laws.

2. 参与集团境外投资项目,负责相关文件起草修改、法律尽职调查、谈判工作,协调督促第三方机构尽职展开工作,主动提示项目风险,策划风险应对方案。
Take prat in the Group’s overseas investment project;
Be liable for the draft and modification and the related document, legal investigation and negotiation;
Supervise the third-party agent and present the risk of the project as well as the risk response plan.

3. 负责建立集团境外投资主体的合规管理(含合同管理)制度或适用标准,并按制度开展工作并监督境外投资主体的相关工作。
Set up the system and standards of the compliance management (including contract management) of the Group’s overseas investor;
Carry out work and supervise the investor’s work based on the aforesaid system and standards.

4. 负责建立、维护集团境外法务相关机构的合作、联络关系,必要时代表集团处理境外投资主体的各类诉讼、仲裁、行政复议和听证等活动。
Establish and maintain the cooperation between the Group and the overseas legal agencies;
Deal with, including but not limited to, the litigation, arbitration, administrative review and hearing on behalf of the Group if necessary.

5. 定期出具书面工作报告,汇报工作情况、项目进展、提示政策变化风险、境外投资主体合规工作监督情况等,提出意见和建议。
Present written report at fixed period, including the work performance, project progress, remind of the change of policy, supervision of the overseas investor’s compliance work and give suggestions upon it.

任职要求 Job requirements:
1. 新加坡籍或日本籍;
Singaporean and Japanese is preferred;
2. 新加坡或日本当地一流大学法学院毕业(本科及以上);
Bachelor degree or above of Law acquired at top universities in Singapore and Japan;
3. 具有新加坡或日本法律资格证书或从业证书;
Legal professional qualification certificates acquired in Singapore or Japan;
4. 具有5年以上新加坡或日本大型企业法务管理工作经验,或者3年以上新加坡或日本律师工作经验;
5. 5 years’ experience or above of legal management in a Singaporean or Japanese corporation; or 3 years’ experience of an attorney in Singapore or Japan.
6. 精通英文和中文,可以同时进行英文和中文的沟通、交流、谈判、文件起草审阅和工作汇报;
Have good command of English and Chinese; be able to communicate, negotiate, draft and check documents and report work in both language.
7. 熟悉新加坡和日本境内投资相关的法律及实务,熟悉新加坡和日本境内劳工相关的法律及实务,有渠道及时获取相关法律政策的变动信息;
Be familiar with Investment Law and Labour Laws in Singapore and Japan; be able to get the information of the change of related laws in time.
8. 有良好的团队合作能力、领导能力、沟通能力、战略思考能力、创新能力、决策能力、组织能力、学习能力。有良好的时间观念和纪律意识;
A team player and leader with the ability to communicate, innovate, decide, organize, study and think strategically;
Be punctual and disciplined.
9. 常驻上海,年出差时间占工作时间一般不超过30%。
Live in Shanghai(business trip accounts for less than 30% of regular work time).


Singaporean or Japanese nationality


• English, Fluent
• Chinese, Fluent


no work experience required
no degree specified
full-time job
20000 - 25000 RMB/Month
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