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Interior designer (foreign consultant)

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Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist with the master case designer to deepen the design work and complete the complete construction drawing;

2. Fully understand the design and convert it into detailed drawings of the construction drawings;

3. Participate in the coordination and negotiation of the project construction site;

4. Responsible for the construction site change and completion drawing of the project;

5. If necessary, it is necessary to follow the construction site to carry out rectification of drawings and solve the construction difficulties.


1. Associate degree or above in architecture, environmental art, interior design, etc.;

2. More than 3 years experience in the design of architectural design and decoration construction drawings by formal design firms or design companies;

3, proficient in AUTOCAD software, and at the same time skilled in using other related software;

4. Familiar with the specifications and requirements for drawing construction drawings;

5. Familiar with engineering design standards and various requirements, and have a certain understanding of the specifications of relevant national industries;

6, very skilled in all kinds of detailed processing, nodes, closing practices, can complete the entire set of construction drawings. Experience in construction and knowledge of materials and design estimates;

7. Work proactive, enthusiastic, efficient, and rigorous.


~3 years experience
bachelor degree
full-time job
Salary not specified
beijing , beijing
engineering & manufacturing

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Interior designer (foreign consultant) in beijing

~ 3 years experience required - bachelor - full-time - beijing, beijing