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International sales engineer

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Nature of Job: Full-time
Working address: Yuhua District, Changsha

Qualifications Requirements —— What kind of person do we need
1. Bachelor degree or above; Major in Science and Engineering is preferred(Automation, mechanical, biological, materials, etc.)
● Have a good way of thinking and learning habits, can quickly learn the expertise in various fields.

2. Good in reading, written and spoken English; good presentation skill
● Our customers are mainly international customers, fluent spoken and written English are needed.

3. Experienced in Microsoft Office (especially Excel); with some knowledge of network;
● This job will involve extensive use of Excel sheets. The proficiency will greatly help to improve efficiency.

4. Excellent communication skills, good sense of developing clients, service awareness, teamwork sense and great responsibility;
● Our aim is to offer good service to our customers. It is also how we can prove our value. Common progress together with our customers can bring much sense of achievement.

5. Optimistic; work under pressure
● There will be lonely moments at work, under great pressure. You have to keep encouraging yourself, and always keep in faith.

6. At least 1 year of sales and customer development experience. 2 years experience of dealing with international customers is preferred;
● We believe that enough experience can quickly adapt you to the work. Overseas or domestic sales and customer development experience will be quite helpful to take the job.

7. Accept short-term business trips abroad, strong resistance to frustration, flexible to handle unexpected situations;
● In order to better develop and serve the customer, we may go abroad to visit clients, are you ready®

8. Interested in working with us for a great career by long-term
● All the above conditions are not essential as long as you have a strong will and great passion for this industry. Our door is always open for you to create a wonderful career together.

Job description  - What are my responsibilities
1. Collecting potential customer information, daily client development work.
2. Receiving inquiry, discussing with internal technical engineers to reach a scheme that can meet customers’ demands, and communicating with customers timely.
3. Independent business communication with foreign customers, then receiving orders.
4. Maintaining customer relationship.

The training plan - What will be provided for my growth
We will provide a detailed training plan for you to help you grow up to be a good sales engineer, we believe that after 3 to 6 months of training, you can become a qualified sales engineer.

1. The new staff training
- Understand enterprise culture and service tenets
- Be familiar with the work process and methods
- Master tool software etc

2. In-factory internship program
- Learn about the factory’s core technology
- Be familiar with all kinds of products

3. Specialist guidance
- Senior sales engineer guidance work
- Professional technician guidance and assessment work

We believe we will work together with you create a career belonging to you and us!

Address: 8/F, North Building, Skyer International Financial Center, 419 Shaoshan Road (South), Changsha, Hunan Province, P.R.C. 410007


no work experience required
bachelor degree
full-time job
5000 - 10000 RMB/Month
changsha , hunan
engineering & manufacturing

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International sales engineer in changsha

~ 0 years experience required - bachelor - full-time - changsha, hunan