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iOS / Android Android Development Engineer

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Job information

1. Responsible for developing app development and maintenance based on iOS, or Android, or WinPhone;

2. Independently complete software design, coding, testing, verification, and release to ensure development quality;

3, responsible for the preparation of the APP function documentation

4. Responsible for participating in program discussions and technical research, responsible for program upgrades and updates;

5. Use English reporting and communication work


1, 2 years and above iOS / Android development experience;


2, proficient in multi-thread (synchronous) programming technology and performance debugging

3, proficient in the basic network protocol http, https, tsp...

4, proficient in Java, proficient in C / C + +,

5, proficient in the Android SDK development framework and message model

6, proficient in Google Cloud Messaging GCM

7, understand other (f.e. Amazon SNS, Baidu) service is preferred


8, proficient in Objective-C, proficient in C / C + +,

9, familiar with the iOS framework into Core Data, Core Annimation, etc.

10, familiar with performance and data cache debugging (such as using Instruments)

11, familiar with Apple APN service

12, understand C#, understand Visual Studio and the WinRT frameworks for Windows 8.1+ priority


~2 years experience
bachelor degree
full-time job
Salary not specified
shenzhen , guangdong

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iOS / Android Android Development Engineer in shenzhen

~ 2 years experience required - bachelor - full-time - shenzhen, guangdong