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Java software engineer

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Job Responsibilities:

1. Participate in demand analysis, architecture design, program discussion and technical research;

2. Write requirements analysis documents, design documents, etc.

3. Responsible for system framework and core code development;

4. Guide the daily development and testing of developers and solve technical problems in development;

5. Responsible for technical training and guidance of developers.

Job requirements:

1. General bachelor degree or above, major in computer science;

2, engaged in more than 3 years of JAVA development work, proficient in JAVA programming language;

3, deep understanding of J2EE technology architecture, familiar with open source frameworks such as Struts, Spring, Hibernate;

4, familiar with large databases, such as Oracle, SQL server, etc.;

5. Good communication skills and teamwork awareness, strong work responsibility.

Particular preference is given to candidates who meet the stated criteria:

1. Experience in TV shopping application development and business analysis;

2. Experience with call center management system;

3. Experience in developing e-commerce platform is preferred.


~3 years experience
bachelor degree
full-time job
more than 15000 RMB/Month
beijing , beijing

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Java software engineer in beijing

~ 3 years experience required - bachelor - full-time - beijing, beijing