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Job description


Location: Tianjin, China




Define regional product strategy and implement it globally based on company’s business strategy, operation plan and brand strategy.


1. 产品规划及生命周期管理:组织完成全球产品战略的规划(含产品线的策划),经审批后,推动实施;监控产品管理制度和日常审批流程体系的顺利运作;批准新品开发上市;批准并组织实施老品退市、产品升级;管理各产品线的生命周期,包括跟进各产品在区域的销售情况,完成销售分析,为产品管理决策提供依据。

Product planning and product lifespan management: 

 1.1 lead to define and implement global product strategy (including product line); 

1.2 Monitor product management regulations and daily examination and approval procedures to make sure all the procedure run smoothly; 

1.3 manage new product development and launching;

 1.4 organize and conduct product upgrading and discontinuing; 

1.5 manage lifespan of all product lines, including following up with sales status of products in different regions and analyzing sales figures to provide reference for product management decisions.

2. 产品定价和价格调整:按照市场价格需求,与区域市场部门、集团总部的财务部门一道,把控产品毛利底线,协调相同单品在不同国家的定价; 对区域导入品的定价,提出政策要求或指导意见 

Product pricing and price adjusting: 

 2.1 coordinate with finance and marketing departments to control the gross margin of each SKU in different regions; 

 2.2 ODM and OEM product management in regions.

3. 产品推广:审核整合后的产品故事、卖点、功效等内容,给予适当、准确的产品定位;审核产品推广方案(包括配套的产品文宣资料),督促执行;跟进产品的推广效果,持续改进产品推广流程。

Product promoting:

 3.1 define product positioning by integrating product stories, unique selling proposition, function, etc.; 

3.2 plan and manage the product promotion in the regions, manage and monitor each product launching plans (including the promotion materials); 3.3 oversee and improve the product promotion process



1. 本科学历,具有海外学习背景 

Possess a bachelor degree or above;oversea study experience will be a plus;

2. 15年以上大型跨国企业相关工作经验(快消品、保健品或化妆品行业,安利、康宝莱、宝洁、玫琳凯、雅芳),有2年以上直销行业工作经验更佳 

At least 15 years’ experience in product management of multinational companies (consumer goods, healthcare and wellness or beauty industry, preferable experience in Amway, Herbalife, P&G, MaryKey, Avon) , and at least 2 years’ experience in large direct selling (Multi-level marketing) enterprise;

3. 能熟练用英语做工作语言;持国外护照,方便国际出差旅行 

Excellent in both written and oral communication skills in English

4. 熟悉保健品、化妆品行业产品标准,具备丰富的新产品市场推广知识;在直销国际化营销,策略规划.项目领导,中国保健食品注册,人才管理等方面有专长;

Familiar with dietary supplements and cosmetics industry standards;expertise in mark promotion of new product;expertise in global marketing,strategicplaning, project management, healthcare and wellness product registration and human resource management.

5. 具有国际市场.海外协调工作经验,熟悉国内外保健食品.保健用品.食品.药品.化妆品,日化用品行业市场,有产品管理.产品培训及产品分析相关专业知识;

have experience in international marketing development and promotion


be able to do product R&D with a team, and handle emergency and crisis.


~15 years experience
bachelor degree
full-time job
Salary not specified
tianjin , tianjin
sales & marketing

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