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Mechanical Engineer (Intern)

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1. Engage in design, study and optimization for the structure of mechanical products, creation of products, and improvement of product performance and quality;

2. Choose component, set up model machine, test product, and provide technical support for subsequent development work;

3. Solve problems during product development work and meet new requirement from users;

4. Provide the volume production of products with relevant technical data;

5. Play an active role in other aspects of company business needs.


1. Hold a bachelor's degree or above in mechanical engineering or related discipline;

2. Possess very strong English reading and writing skill in response to the search and quick study of technical materials and the daily conversation in an English-speaking environment;

3. Use SolidWorks or related software proficiently in response to the independent conduct for establishment, modification and derivation of model. Experience in designing and managing model documents with components whose total volume is more than 100 are preferred;

4. Understand the supply chain of ordinary mechanical components well;

5. Think clearly, take initiative in working process with the ability in both strong executive and excellent self-study, and maintain good teamwork spirit.

High-priority candidates include those with any of the following conditions:

1. Possess the ability to be familiar with English materials on machinery industry or English-speaking proficiency;

2. Understand circuit knowledge and use Altium proficiently for completing the PCB Design;

3. Have experience in the development of mechanical control programs, Raspberry Pi or Arduino;

4. Understand the knowledge of blockchain well;

Internship Program: 1.Submit at least one model completed by using Solidworks, and relevant cites must be marked if any.

Work site: Room 408, De'an Building, NO. 818 Changde Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai


no work experience required
bachelor degree
full-time job
Salary not specified
shanghai , shanghai
engineering & manufacturing


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Mechanical Engineer (Intern) in shanghai

~ 0 years experience required - bachelor - full-time - shanghai, shanghai