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Mechanical Project Engineer

Cullinan International Group (Shanghai)
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  1. Responsible for purchasing foreign components to machining, sheet metal, casting, welding parts such as precision machining parts and other accessories, packaging materials, mainly inquiry nuclear price, deliver to overseas customers and follow up orders;
  2. Responsible for drafting the contract, price negotiation, and finally the factory to inspect the site investigation.
  3. Involves the change of the foreign product process tracking and prototype supplier dealing with an abnormal situation;
  4. Familiar with common measuring tools such as vernier caliper, micrometer, plug gauge inspection supplier samples and details such as product, coordinate and follow up the whole purchasing;
  5. Assist the foreign procurement strategy and foreign customers for long-term communication and exchanges on the order of products;
  6. Audit and evaluation of suppliers, supplier daily management and maintenance work, and according to the need to develop new suppliers
  7. Quotation data and documents related to building finishing
  8. Cooperate with other departments.

Job requirements:

  1. 3 years of related work, experience, purchasing engineering degree or experience is preferred.
  2. Mechanical engineer background or in the manufacturing industry experience is preferred. Understand the Control plan FEMA file is preferred.
  3. Be familiar with machining, sheet metal, such as casting process. Understand English for CAD drawings, understand machining.
  4. Good communication skills and language skills.
  5. Plan and analysis to experience.
  6. Have enthusiasm and creativity.
  7. Familiar with computers in ERP systems.
  8. Have enough knowledge of predictability in the global market.
  9. Able to independently choose the right direction.
  10. Accept foreigners to our jobs.
  11. Working location in Shanghai pudong jinqiao gold hidden road 258


~3 years experience
bachelor degree
full-time job
10000 - 15000 RMB/Month
shanghai , shanghai
engineering & manufacturing

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Logo of Cullinan International Group (Shanghai)

Mechanical Project Engineer in shanghai

~ 3 years experience required - bachelor - full-time - shanghai, shanghai