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Medical After-sales Engineer

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Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the development, planning, establishment, maintenance and management of market sales activities in its region;

2. Responsible for the company's external image planning and promotion work, formulate marketing strategy and marketing strategy, and provide all possible support for the sales department to carry out sales activities and clinical follow-up;

3. Responsible for product training and marketing plans to provide appropriate market advice or solutions to enhance product market competitiveness;

4. Responsible for training product expertise, clinical application knowledge, etc., supporting various product-related activities of agents;

5. Collect and analyze information related to market competition products.

Job requirements:

1. Medical, biomedical engineering, and electronic instruments are preferred;

2. Bachelor degree or above, foreign priority;

3.1 years or above market, electrophysiology and EEG product promotion work experience or after-sales engineer related experience, understand the background of medical device industry;

4. Strong learning ability, communication and coordination, and good execution;

5. Strong language skills and confidence.


~2 years experience
bachelor degree
full-time job
more than 15000 RMB/Month
shanghai , shanghai
sales & marketing

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Medical After-sales Engineer in shanghai

~ 2 years experience required - bachelor - full-time - shanghai, shanghai