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Operations specialist

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Position: Operation Specialist


Job Description: 

1. 按照公司要求,检查公司产品描述的拼写、语法、标点等内容,并翻译相关内容,以使得其符合西方的阅读体验;

1. Translating from Chinese into English and checking spelling, grammar and punctuation of product's description and ensuring documents conform to the western reading experience;

2. 校对稿件,以及一些内外交流常用文档;

2. Proofreading and contributing to other documents for internal and external communication; 

3. 使用Word进行稿件编辑。

3. Editing using Word.
4. 收集用户反馈并及时答复
4. Collect feedback from clients and make timely reply




Salary to be discussed; full time; located in Beijing or Tianjin.


Qualifications and Profile:

1. 学士或以上学历,专业不限; 

1. Bachelor's Degree or above in any subject, or a professional English editing qualification; 

2. 要求英语母语国家人士;

2. Native English speaker; 

3. 有文字编辑或电商经验者优先;

3. Experience in language editing or E-Commerce; 

4. 时间观念强,有责任心; 

4. Punctual and responsible; 

5. 思想开放,性格随和,有团队协作精神。

5. Open-minded and easy-going with a great team spirit.


If you are interested in E-Commerce, have an eye for detail and outstanding English writing, speaking skills, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Skills: Editing, Customer Support
Language: English


no work experience required
no degree specified
full-time job
8000 - 12000 RMB/Month
tianjin , tianjin

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Operations specialist in tianjin

~ 0 years experience required - none - full-time - tianjin, tianjin