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Project manager

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Position requirements职位要求:
A. Bachelor degree or above 学士及以上学位
B. Interested in traditional Chinese medicine and able to understand basic Chinese medicine principles. TCM industry is preferred 对中医药传统文化感兴趣,能够理解基础的中医原理。中医药行业者优先。
C. Fluent in both Chinese and English (native English speakers are preferred), good at communication and expression 品貌端正,中英文流利(英语母语者优先),善于沟通和表达,适应性强。
D. Willing to travel, able to complete work plan independently and with a sense of responsibility 适应出差,可独立完成工作计划,有责任感。
E. Professional quality, well organization, control and coordination ability, can motivate and guide the team to complete work indicators 具备专业素养,较强的组织、控制、协调能力,能够激励引导团队完成工作指标。
F. Accept challenges, and high-intensity work, be confident and proactive 敢于迎接挑战,能够接受高强度的工作,坚定自信并且积极主动。

Responsibilities 岗位职责:
A. Executing promoting project plans, knowledge of online skills will be considered a plus 执行公司产品相关的战略计划和活动,有网络营销经验者优先;
B. Provide and update promotional elements for new products; ability to complete the presentation independently; suggest and organize promotional events or other related activities 能为公司宣传活动及新产品宣传材料提供素材;能独立完成产品PPT并进行流利演示;建议组织推广活动及其相关活动;
C. Responsible for contacting oversea suppliers, keep in touch with distributors, maintain information flow between three parties and organize trainings 负责国外供应商的联络,维护分销商,为三方沟通产品信息,并适时组织培训;
D. Translating daily office documentations,escorting director to related meetings and events and interpreting 日常的公司中英文文件的翻译,协同领导参加涉外会议或其他相关活动,并进行口译。

Remuneration 基本薪资待遇:
Salary 10k Plus (Pre-Tax), Based on Applicant’s Skills, Qualifications and Experience 根据申请人的技能、资历和经验,工资1万+(税前)
Social and Medical Insurance 社会保险和医疗保险
Daily Meal Allowance每日伙食补贴
Work Visa Provision 工作签证提供
Long-team Labor Contract 长期劳动合同

Skills: Sales Promotion, Product Promotion, Marketing Communication, Training, Social Media
Language: English, Chinese


no work experience required
no degree specified
full-time job
10000 - 15000 RMB/Month
beijing , beijing

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Project manager in beijing

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