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Basic Purpose 主要工作目标
To Plan, guide, supervise and implement the whole purchasing activities. Make sure all purchasing activities meet the requirement of cost, quality, delivery, reliability and policy& procedure.

Duties and Responsibilities主要职责
Responsible for developing, planning and purchasing all Base Oil, Additives and outsourced product, make sure to achieve 
the best competitive cost and without compromising on high quality and technology standard.

Liaise with related parties, e.g. CSD/ Operation/ Technology and Marketing, to know the current and near future demand, make planning, implementing and make sure meet the business needs.

To analyze and evaluate marketing trend and the company's business, obtain favorable purchase opportunity and reduce overall purchasing cost.

To evaluate and select suppliers, process the main procurement activities under the limited authorization, and make sure purchasing activities compliant with related policy and procedure.

Communicate with oversea related parties, make sure compliant with corporate purchasing strategies.

Support each function team to accomplish the objectives from purchase aspects.

完成上司交待的其他任务。 To finish other tasks given by a superior.

Functional Scope Data职责范围
Responsible for purchase operations in China.

Position Requirements岗位需求
Education 教育背景:
大学本科及以上学历,石油化工等相关专业 Above Bachelor degree, major in oil/ chemical or related

Working Experience 工作经验:
5年以上外企制造业方面采购经验,有润滑油行业或与公司产品应用相关行业工作经验优先。 Over 5 years purchasing experience in foreign manufacturing, with lubricant or relative industry background, will be preferred

熟悉国内炼厂情况,炼油牌号,炼油指标。能够掌握油料市场价格趋势,控制采购风险。 Familiar with domestic refineries and oil specification. Good understanding of the oil market situation and control risk. 

Job-related Skills 工作相关技能:

具有较强的沟通和谈判能力。 Strong ability of communication and negotiation.

具有较强的油品和化工知识背景。 Good knowledge background of oil and chemical.

具有较强的团队管理能力。 Strong team management ability.

熟悉国家油料进出口的法律法规。 Familiar with oil import and export policy.

良好的英语听,说,读,写能力。 Good English ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

良好的控制成本能力和管理供应商能力。 Good ability of cost control and good management of suppliers.

Abilities and Qualities 行为品质:

正直诚实。 Integrity.

以结果为导向。 Result Oriented.

高度的团队合作性。 Good team player.

较强的学习能力。 Fast learner.


~5 years experience
bachelor degree
full-time job
more than 15000 RMB/Month
shanghai , shanghai
sales & marketing

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Purchasing Executive in shanghai

~ 5 years experience required - bachelor - full-time - shanghai, shanghai