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Russian translation

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1. Mainly responsible for the introduction of the company's foreign actors and activities, oral translation at the performance site.

2. Clear thinking, accurate expression and strong execution.

3. The translator and the translation team members communicate and cooperate to carefully review the contract agreement;

4. Participate in professional training and exchanges carried out within the department to improve the professional level of translation.

5. The place of work is in Beijing. If you can't work in Beijing, don't disturb.


1. Bachelor degree or above, Russian major, with good practical oral translation experience

2, foreign language listening and speaking ability is good, proficient in Chinese and foreign translation

3, more than 1 year of translation experience, work carefully, quick thinking, strong sense of responsibility


~1 years experience
bachelor degree
full-time job
less than 5000 RMB/Month
beijing , beijing

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Logo of 大正佳音(北京)国际文化传播有限公司

Russian translation in beijing

~ 1 years experience required - bachelor - full-time - beijing, beijing