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• A successful track record of personal sales performance 成功的个人销售经验
• Excellent listening, writing and communication skills 出色的听,写及沟通能力
• Ability to develop strong and trusting relationships at all levels in an organization 能够和公司各个阶层建立紧密的信任关系
• Ability to think strategically when viewing client challenges and objectives 在面对客户挑战和目标时能够进行战略思考
• Outstanding analytical skills 杰出的的事物分析能力
• Intellectually curious 理智并充满好奇心
• Determined and self-motivated 坚定不移,能够自我激励
• Able to work equally well alone or as part of a team 能够单独工作也能融入团队工作
• Able to work schedules that align with target market 根据市场目标安排工作计划的能力
• International travel is required 同意国际出差
• Previous experience in a related field(Medical and Aviation) is a plus. 有相关领域(航空或者医疗器械)工作经验优先
- Attend fairs and trade shows like Canton Fair, HK Fairs, and overseas fairs. 参与,准备各种行业展会
- Identify, contact and prospect potential clients and turn them into customers.能够辨别,联系及跟进潜在客户并将其转换为实际客户
- Maintain client's satisfaction and develop the revenue brought by clients.维持客户关系,推进和强化客户之前的合作,从而为公司带来效益。
- Prepare marketing and sales materials.准备相关的市场营销和销售材料
- Website content management and user experience. 网站内容管理及优化用户体验
- Manage social media marketing.社交媒体管理及营销

Skills: - European or North American personnel欧洲或北美人员 - Excellent interpersonal communication skill.出色的人际沟通技巧 - B2B sales experience is preferred.有B2B相关工作经验最佳 - Chinese speaking is a plus.熟悉中文者优先考虑 - Self motivated, able to work well under pressure, organized.自我激
Language: English,Chinese


no work experience required
no degree specified
full-time job
8000 - 12000 RMB/Month
shanghai , shanghai
sales & marketing

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