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Teaching Supervisor(foreign teacher)

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This position is limited in foreign teachers.No offense,you are required to come from En-speaking country and your ability to determine treatment.


1 Teach English to 3-12 years old (kids and teenagers).

2 Cooperate with assistant teachers to deal with problems in teaching and children learning.

3 Draft and revise the English teaching materials as leader's arrangement.

4 Attend the meeting to give feedback and report the relevant teaching work.

5 Attend English activities held by school, such as English Day, English Outdoor Activities, English Competition and English Class Assessment.

6 Assist the school recruit team for applicants’ oral English test .

7 Assist Chinese English teacher on the oral English training program and exchange the English teaching method.


1 Native English speaker.

2 Having the experience of children English teaching at least 3 years.

3 Affection,caring, positive, enthusiastic. You should be good at communicating with children.

4 Abide by school regulations and management, achieve the teaching goal as scheduled with high quality.

5 We hope you can come to teach in full time.

Location: No.101Block C,Jinsha Wanrui Centre,Shujin Road No.in Qingyang Destrict,Chengdu,Sichuan


~3 years experience
master degree
full-time job
Salary not specified
chengdu , sichuan


English teacher

beijing / full-time / education

Posted 4 months ago

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Teaching Supervisor(foreign teacher) in chengdu

~ 3 years experience required - master - full-time - chengdu, sichuan