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VSD Project Manager

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1. Working hour analysis 产品工时分析
a) Check actual working hours of existing products 计算现有产品实际工时
b) Calculate non-efficient working hours 计算出非有效工时
2. Manage Value Stream Mapping 价值流程图处理
a) Complete VSM according to working procedures 根据产品工序制定价值流程图
b) Analyse effective actual working hours 分析有效实际工时
c) Analyse waste working hours, optimize (may merge or delete process or action) 分析浪费工时或其他可合并删除的工序和动作
3. Analysis on assembly procedures 生产安装工序分析和处理
a) According to VSM, reallocate working procedures to reduce waiting time between procedures 根据价值流图,重新分配工序,减少因工序间等待浪费
b) According to VSM, point out reduced or merged working hours 根据价值流图,提出减少和合并工时的时间
4. Logistics Programming 物流规划
a) According to VSM, reprogram the supply model of material supply 根据价值流图,重新规划物料供应模式
b) According to VSM, set reasonable arrangement for production site, reduce waste from movement and walk 根据价值流图,合理布置生产现场布局,减少搬运,走动等浪费
5. Production equipment Programming 生产设备需求规划
a) According to VSM, point out reasonable equipment demand requirements 根据价值流分析,提出合理的设备需求
6. Cost and Risk Evaluation 成本和风险评估
a) Evaluate implementation cost of new procedures 评估新流程实施成本
b) Evaluate new risk when implement new procedure and make sure such risk is under control 评估新流程实施过程中存在风险并确保风险可控

Skills:  Have working experience on value stream analysis 会价值流分析,  Familiar with cost control and risk control 熟悉成本控制和风险控制
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full-time job
20000 - 23000 RMB/Month
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TLD Asia (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

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VSD Project Manager in shanghai

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