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Website development and maintenance

Posted 2 years ago - 2474 views

Website development and maintenance;

1. Developed the official website of life treasure, micro net, mobile website and WeChat small program. ,

2. Responsible for website performance optimization to ensure excellent user experience of products on different platforms and devices;

3. Familiar with web design. Good art foundation.

4. Proficient in various Web front-end technologies, including (X)HTML, CSS and JavaScript;

5. Familiar with w3c standards, separation of structure presentation behavior, and semantic HTML;

6. Proficient in writing native JavaScript code, and familiar with JS performance optimization;

7. Focus on design mode, modular development and code architecture design; experience in front-end improvement and optimization is preferred;

8. Practical experience in one-stop development and responsive design projects;

9. Familiar with HTML5/CSS3, mobile device front-end application development experience is preferred;

Skills: Website development, website optimization, website promotion
Language: Fluent in Chinese, Fluent in English


no work experience required
no degree specified
part-time job
8000 - 20000 RMB/Month
shanghai , shanghai


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Website development and maintenance in shanghai

~ 0 years experience required - none - part-time - shanghai, shanghai