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Logo of 施达汽车工程咨询(上海)有限公司
R&D Engineer – EE Architecture (m/f)
Posted 7 days ago
RESPONSIBILITY:– Participate in the development of automotive EE Architecture, ensure the    design robustness of both EE system and components– Participate in Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis and optimize system    architecture accordingly– Validate all EE system functions and integration quality– Track solutions for critical issues with related technical departments– Create and edit technical documentsREQUIREMENTS:– Completed bachelor or higher degree in Electric / Electronics, Mechatronics    Engineering or in a similar area– 2-5 years working experience of automotive EE Architecture/EE    System/diagnostic standard, OEM Group or Tier1 supplier experience will be    a plus– Familiar with quality system like FMEA, DVP&R, 8D, APQP, PPAP, SPC, etc.    experience of DFMEA will be highly preferred– Fluent English speaker– Professional command in MS office and related project management tools
more than 15000 RMB/Month | full-time | engineering & manufacturing | bachelor
Foreign Architect
Posted 1 week ago
WILCOTER & WHITEBOX shanghai, shanghai
Responsibilities:1.Conceiving, organizing and completing design scheme,and drawing scheme plan according to customer requirements;2.Organizing and guiding the effect picture presentation to meet the design requirements;3.Communicating and reporting at different stages of the project scheme.Requirements:1.Bachelor's degree or above in Architecture;2.At least 2 years of working experience in architectural design;3.Having excellent concept creation ability, persistant pursuit of architectural art, quick mind, strong presentation ability, able to guide production of presentation methods, such as effect picture, model and so on;4.Having a strong sense of responsibility, good sense of art, down-to-earth but passionate working attitude to bring about the common progress of the team;5.Active team player, willing to communication with colleagues and customers.
Salary not specified | full-time | engineering & manufacturing | bachelor
Logo of Shanghai Vast United Entrprise
Architect & Urban Plan Designer
Posted 1 week ago
Application Qualifications 1. Bachelor Degree or above in Architecture or urban planning; 2. More than 2 years relevant experience in design company 3. Design experience of large scale public buildings and residence houses preferred. 4. Have a language and sketches of ideas; interpersonal and presentation skills preferred; 5. Good conceptual way of thinking and familiar with all of the project design process, have a strong ability to control the preliminary of the project, 6. Strong creative ability; fast; efficient and reliable Strong customer service consciousness 7. Excellent communicate in English skills with strong sense of responsibility have good team-work spirit. 8. Excellent graphical and computer skills (CAD, Sketch Up Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D programs and Microsoft Office.We offer: - fulltime position (40h / week) - pleasant work environment in a young, international team - salary negotiable Please send your application, including your CV with recent works in English, as well as your expected salary.If you have any question please don't hesitate contact with us. Special for Urban Planning:Job Description:1.Provides strategy development and technical solutions for medium to large scale planning and development projects;2.Discuss the design ideas, themes, and overall plan with the planning architect;3.Organize, analyze, and collect the preliminary work;4.To finish the design of layout, text, presentation;5.Responsible for the completion of planning reports and policy documents for clients;6.Ensures that projects are executed properly, including assigning resources as necessary;7.Following the planning and design project;8.Other tasks reasonably associated and expected of this position;Job Requirement:1.Bachelor degree or above in architecture, urban planning;2.Minimum 2 years working experiences in urban planning;3.Proficient in planning and relevant operations that can play a key role in planning for large-scale projects4.Capable for the project evaluation, drawings verification, deepening and detailing the design;5.Good at hand sketching and drawing, be able to control the overall effect of the layouts and graph;6.Familiar with national urbanization and local planning policy compliance; 7.Strong creative ability, fast, efficient and reliable strong customer service consciousness;8.With strong team work spirit;9.Excellent graphical and computer skills (CAD, Sketch Up Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D programs and Microsoft Office.10.Excellent English skill in both oral and written;11.Candidate with more experience will be considered for the senior position
12000 - 25000 RMB/Month | full-time | other | none
Logo of Century 3 (Shanghai) Inc.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Century 3 (Shanghai) Inc. chongqing, chongqing
职位描述Position Description:1. 负责给建筑和消防系统的图纸审核,招标文件编制以及施工检查(提交质量保证和控制报告);Responsible for architecture& fire-fighting drawings review, preparation of official documents and construction inspection (hand over QA/QC report)2. 参与给建筑工程项目协调和管理;Participate in architecture project coordination and management3. 和业主、其他专业顾问、设计单位及承建单位进行协调;Liaise and coordinate with the owner, design consultants, design institutes and contractors.职位要求 Position Requirement:1. 5年以上工作经验;有工业厂房建筑设计以及项目协调和管理工作经验;At least 5 years of experience ,industrial factory building architecture design and project management2.有外国顾问/咨询公司工作经验者优先;Experience in a foreign consultant company preferred;3. 熟悉建筑设计和施工相关规范标准及其应用Familiar with the architecture design and construction related codes and its application4. 建筑相关专业大学本科或以上学历;Relevant academic background, bachelor’s degree or above5.具有团队合作精神、敬业精神;Consistent high levels of dedication and teamwork spirit;6. 具备良好的沟通协调能力Good communication and coordination skills are desired.
10000 - 15000 RMB/Month | full-time | engineering & manufacturing | bachelor
Logo of SDD
Foreign Architect
Posted 3 weeks ago
SDD shanghai, shanghai
Qualification1.Bachelor degree or above in architecture or relevant discipline.2.Creative and full of enthusiasm about architecture3.1-2years experience is preferred. Fresh graduate is accepted4.Good skill in related software, good hand drawing skill is preferred5.Fluent written and spoken English 6.Advanced communication- and team-working skillsWe have an international working environment and we'll give you the opportunity to participate in the whole process of the project. 
Salary not specified | full-time | engineering & manufacturing | bachelor
Logo of Hubei Engineering Design & Research Institute
Landscape Architect
Posted a month ago
Job Description1. Express concepts of landscape design through text and sketching;2. Complete and report designated overall design plan;3. Complete sketching and layout making in later period;4. Control cost of project.Job Qualification1. Bachelor degree or above in Landscape Architecture/Horticulture; relevant internship experience preferred;2. Proficient with Photoshop, CAD, Sketchup, 3Dmax, etc.;3. Good command of landscape materials and construction technologies; excellent skills of communication and coordination; independent design experience and ability;4. Familiar with relevant local regulations;5. Hard-working, accountable and good at teamwork.
more than 15000 RMB/Month | full-time | other | none
Logo of RODER Architecture Technology(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.
Project Manager
Posted 3 months ago
Job informationjob content:1. Be responsible for the overall management and supervision of the company's activity project construction;2. Be responsible for formulating the project work plan and supervising the implementation;3. Coordinate with customer department to coordinate with customers on site;4. Follow up and supervise the implementation of the project, monitor and control the implementation cost;5. Lead the team to provide customers with high-quality services;Job requirements:1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years working experience in exhibition / public relations company / activity company, project management experience;2. Experience in event / construction project management is preferred;3. Have strong ability of communication, expression, response, coordination and acceptance, and have good negotiation skills;4. Strong sense of service, able to solve emergencies in time.5. Be able to travel, fluent in Chinese and English. Skills Architecture Chinese Project Manage engineering Language • English, Fluent • Chinese, Business level var TIAOJIAN_NUM =0;
10000 - 20000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none
Logo of McGregor Coxall  Landscape Architecture
Office Operation Coordinator
Posted 3 months ago
McGregor Coxall is a leading international Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Environmental DesignConsultancy. The company has recently established in Shenzhen and aims to grow into one of Asia’s mostprominent brands in our industry with a global influence. We are seeking a fluent English-speakingoperation coordinator to provide support for our growing studio. This position is required to undertakegeneral administrative duties for staff of the Shenzhen Studio in liaison with our international Studios.Initiative should be taken to fully understand the roles and responsibilities of all members of staff in McGregor Coxalland to use tact and diplomacy to ensure confidentiality where appropriate. This is an opportunity to become part ofa strong global brand and culture with scope to develop and progress within the company.. implement organisational values and office systems. maintain operational effectiveness. maintain office cleanliness / empty bins. collection and sorting of mail. answer phone and door. greet clients and promote the firm. provide personal assistance to the Board of Directors, Studio Leader, Administration Manager,Marketing Manager and Finance Manager including effective servicing of information distribution andcoordination. file, type, shorthand, take dictation. assist with preparation of promotional material. prepare reports for the Directors as necessary. under guidance of the QA Coordinator implement the QA policies of the company, assist to manageISO 9001 certification and assist in development/maintenance of internal Development of internalDashboard. banking. general errands. archiving. maintaining office files and office, finance, project filing. order office supplies. make coffee / tea when requiredPROJECT ADMINISTRATION. ad-hoc project team support such as assisting with reports in InDesign and preparation of presentationsin Keynote. assist project teams with project set up, contract administration and project QA requirements. assist project teams with entry of plants into the internal Plant Data Base. assist project teams with producing subconsultant agreements and purchase orders. assist HR Careers Team in producing HR letters/employment contracts from templates andvisa applications. arrange meetings, attending and minuting as requested. produce letters, reports and documents in a timely mannerFINANCE ADMINSTRATION. maintain and update various administration and finance office databases. arrange travel and prepare itineraries for all staff. follow up debtors for payment of overdue invoices. create Purchase Orders and enter bills/invoices into Dashboard/Xero. assist Finance Manager with accounts receivable and projected billings. ad hoc marketing support including resizing images, managing media library, downloading tenderdocumentation/registrations and preparing photographers briefsINTERPRETER. Interpretation and translation where required (verbal and written). Accompany on visits within and outside Shenzhen where translation activities are required. Edit, produce and format documents. Take dictations and write meeting minutes – fluency (speaking, listening, reading and writing) in English andcommunication with Australian and UK Studios). Edit, produce and format documents. A good understanding and in-depth knowledge of language/ country-specific culture. Ability to provide spoken information accurately, quickly and clearly. Excellent writing skills, command of grammar, interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to interact well with people individually and on a group, basis including attendance at meetings Language • Chinese, Fluent • English, Fluent var TIAOJIAN_NUM =0;
8500 - 15000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none
Logo of Hubei Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd
Posted 4 months ago
Job responsibilities:1. Conceived according to customer requirements and design requirements, organized and completed the scheme design and drew the scheme design drawings;2. Organize and guide the performance of effect drawings and the deepening of construction drawings to meet the design requirements;3. Timely organize the designer to review the project drawings, and make technical disclosure to relevant departments;4. Reviewed important design changes and evaluated the feasibility of the changes and the impact on costs;5. Responsible for guiding other professional designers to improve their professional design ability.Job requirements:1. Five-year program in architecture, bachelor's degree, more than 5 years of work experience, double first-class university;2. At least 5 years of architectural design experience, experience in project or original design;Experience in architectural design of large grade a architectural design institute is preferred;3. Love architectural design, have strong design ability and architectural creativity, and be familiar with domestic architectural design specifications;4. Familiar with building codes and requirements;Proficient in computer application, familiar with photoshop, CAD, SketchUp, 3Dmax, Lumion and other drawing software and strong hand drawing ability;5. Have strong communication and coordination skills and certain leadership and organizational skills;6. Good professionalism, sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit.
15000 - 20000 RMB/Month | full-time | other | none
Logo of 北京艾迪尔建筑装饰工程股份有限公司上海第一分公司
Foreign Architect
Posted 4 months ago
Job Responsibilities:1. Responsible for the pre-design positioning, planning and design guidance of the development project;2. Complete the management of the preliminary research and planning design independently;3. Responsible for the conceptual work of the preliminary project design plan;4. Organize and coordinate the cooperation between the whole process of project design and the construction of the project;5. Complete the program schedule and program design arranged by the responsible person on time;6. Responsible for communication and coordination with relevant departments.7, with a strong sense of innovation, with a strong ability to conceive architectural design;8. Full control of renderings, models, and multimedia;job requirements:1. Bachelor degree or above in architecture or related majors; foreigners are preferred2, 5 years of experience in design or planning of the construction industry;3. Have strong design capabilities for large-scale engineering projects;4. Familiar with the project design process and have strong control over the design of the project in the early stage;5. Can organize and coordinate the team to carry out the project design, co-ordinate the overall situation, have good communication and expression skills, strong sense of responsibility and professionalism;6. Ability to design project site (general map design), planning design, architectural design, etc.7. Familiar with urban planning, architectural design, structure, water supply and drainage, heating, electrical, business management, and related laws;8. With a variety of architectural design experience, independently completed urban design projects, such as residential, office buildings and other large public buildings, and have completed cases;9. Have unique creative ideas and innovative consciousness, have experience in project design organization and management, can accurately understand project requirements, and be good at communication and coordination, and have strong auditing ability for building facades and materials;10. Proficiency in office automation, Rhino, CAD drawing software and related software operations;11. Have good communication skills with the owner;12. Dedicated and responsible, with strong sense of responsibility, good organizational and coordination skills and team spirit.
more than 15000 RMB/Month | full-time | engineering & manufacturing | bachelor