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Lead Narrative Game Designer
Posted 4 days ago
Yotta Games shanghai, shanghai
Responsibilities:1. Able to build a world framework for the mafia world according to our needs, including the timeline of this world, memorabilia, development context of each major family, etc.;2. Design the personality of the main characters in the game, the memorabilia of the characters, the relationship between the characters, and the overall image (including clothing, catchphrase) according to our needs;3. Assist in designing the image of the main buildings in the game;4. Assist in designing the music and sound effects in the game;5. Review all plot-related game scripts and give feedback and suggestions in time.Requirements:1. Need to have a good understanding of the development of Mafia, including but not limited to African-American gangs in the United States, Japanese gangs, Russian gangs, Chinese gangs, Korean gangs, South American drug lords, etc.;2. Have experience as a movie or game screenwriter related to gang/mafia and crime, titles like Fast&Furious are also considered;3. Candidates who have lived in the United States for more than ten years are preferred.Basic information:- Job type: Full-time in-house position- Location: SHANGHAI, Line 2 Loushanguan rd- Salary: 18k-25k RMB (or more depending on experience)- Work Visa Provided- Mon-Fri/Sat: 11AM-8PM/6PM Job highlights Work visa Free meal Language • English, Native level var TIAOJIAN_NUM =0;
18000 - 25000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none
Logo of 深圳和世璧文化创意有限公司
Interior Designer
Posted 7 days ago
Job description1.Creative conceptual interior design ability2.Able to initiate and develop conceptual design3.Good personality and client communication skills4. Able to work effectively in a teamRequirements1.Architecture, interior design related degree, 3 -5 years above experience2.Proficient in AUTOCAD, PS, Sketch up, ppt, 3Dmax software3.Professional responsibility, good communication and coordination skills, good team organizational experience and analysis problem-solving skills4.Fluently English & Chinese language skill is preferred5. Understand the domesticdesign rules and the requirements of industry standards6.Love design, have confidence and courage to challenge
Salary not specified | full-time | other | bachelor
Logo of Beijing CAS-Visual-Dimension Culture Technology Co., Ltd
Multimedia Set Designer
Posted 1 week ago
a) Description of JobThe Multimedia Set Designer acts as an ‘idea man’ concerning the visual and set design effects. He assists the Director and offers conceptual approaches for the projects. The holder of the position has an increased concern of the Multimedia integration into architecture in order to hide the technical aspects.b) Roles and ResponsibilitiesParticipation to the creative process:To initiate the creative process giving masters ideas during brainstorming;To elaborate sketches, plans, 3D construction graphs, construction details to express set design and technical aspects of the projects;To propose technical solutions while respecting artistic direction and budget;To create design intention plans in order to share them within the department and to communicate with other people involved;To participate to the projects pre-tests workshops (i.e. visual presentation to the client).Research and Development:Technological monitoring: must be on the lookout for news in Set Design, Multimedia and Architecture.Act as a resource in his field of expertise for the team:To assist, train, guide and build a product linked with his knowledge and expertise.c) Job RequirementsBachelor in Interdisciplinary Arts, 3D animation and Digital Design (knowledge in Set Design, Environment Design, Industrial Design); Basic training in Construction Design and/or in Architecture is an asset;3 years experience in Set Design within the theater industry or in general staging;Knowledge of AutoCad and SketchUp softwares;Very good skills in the multimedia and architectural sectors;Drawing skills.
3000 - 4000 RMB/Month | part-time | other | none
Logo of 广州市华誉景观工程设计有限公司
Designer Assistant
Posted 1 week ago
1. Under the guidance of the designer, complete the design of the program and deepen the assistance of the design;2. Assist in the completion of post-type layout and processing, and establish a program model;3. Assist foreign designers in completing design tasks.job requirements:1. Strong listening and speaking skills, able to communicate fluently with foreign designers (foreign designer assistant);2. Skilled in using SketchUp, PhotoShop, Lumion, CAD, Indesign and other related design software;3. Good theoretical foundation and creative design ability;4. Good communication skills and ability to analyze and solve problems;5. Overseas study experience is preferred, practical experience is preferred
5000 - 10000 RMB/Month | full-time | it/media/creative | bachelor
Logo of Asian Time Group
Foreign Artwork Designer
Posted a month ago
Asian Time Group shenzhen, guangdong
Foreign Artwork DesignerCompany Location: ShenzhenMajor Requirement: Artwork Design or Creative DesignJob Type: FulltimeDetailed Requirements:1. Drawing/ fine arts/sculpture/art design Major, Bachelor Degree or above;2. 1-2 years of work experience, with experience in the design of artwork or creative design.3. Working with great passion, with unique design idea and style, with strong communication and apperception capacity, with team cooperation spirit.
5000 - 10000 RMB/Month | full-time | it/media/creative | bachelor
Logo of Zhengzhou ZIEL Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Senior Furniture Designer
Posted 2 months ago
Job Description:1. Work with the Design Director to develop and communicate our brand vision as well as doing the detailed design work;2. Interpret needs, objectives, and direction from multiple sources to ensure design concepts meet brand standards and business goals; 3. Familiar with European and American visual design standards, familiar with European and American market environment and living habits; 4. Brainstorm assortments and research trends to forecast new ideas. Requirements:1.Minimum of Bachelor degree in design or related discipline; 2.Full-time work based in Shenzhen is required; 3.Native English speaker – preferably from the United States and would prefer to have someone knowledgeable about the US market & culture, etc; Chinese speaking skills is a plus!4.Proficient in relevant computer programs, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, AutoCAD and 3DMax and so on; 5.Time management skills with ability to juggle multiple tasks in order to deliver and meet goals on deadline; 6.Excellent communication and interpersonal skills is preferred.Benefit:1.Provide assistance in working visa apply;2.20k-30k/month (before tax), negotiable based on the quality of work;3.8 hours/day, 2-day weekend, offical holiday,annual leave;4.Provide Housing allowance, Meal subsidy, Annual home visit bonus;5.Provide Insurance, Annual physical examination;6.Festival gift, Monthly birthday party, Daily afternoon tea and snack time. Job highlights Work visa Paid annual leave Air travel allowance Medical & accidental insurance Language • English, Native level • Chinese, Conversational var TIAOJIAN_NUM =0;
20000 - 30000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none
Logo of Shanghai Vast United Entrprise
Architect & Urban Plan Designer
Posted 3 months ago
Application Qualifications 1. Bachelor Degree or above in Architecture or urban planning; 2. More than 2 years relevant experience in design company 3. Design experience of large scale public buildings and residence houses preferred. 4. Have a language and sketches of ideas; interpersonal and presentation skills preferred; 5. Good conceptual way of thinking and familiar with all of the project design process, have a strong ability to control the preliminary of the project, 6. Strong creative ability; fast; efficient and reliable Strong customer service consciousness 7. Excellent communicate in English skills with strong sense of responsibility have good team-work spirit. 8. Excellent graphical and computer skills (CAD, Sketch Up Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D programs and Microsoft Office.We offer: - fulltime position (40h / week) - pleasant work environment in a young, international team - salary negotiable Please send your application, including your CV with recent works in English, as well as your expected salary.If you have any question please don't hesitate contact with us. Special for Urban Planning:Job Description:1.Provides strategy development and technical solutions for medium to large scale planning and development projects;2.Discuss the design ideas, themes, and overall plan with the planning architect;3.Organize, analyze, and collect the preliminary work;4.To finish the design of layout, text, presentation;5.Responsible for the completion of planning reports and policy documents for clients;6.Ensures that projects are executed properly, including assigning resources as necessary;7.Following the planning and design project;8.Other tasks reasonably associated and expected of this position;Job Requirement:1.Bachelor degree or above in architecture, urban planning;2.Minimum 2 years working experiences in urban planning;3.Proficient in planning and relevant operations that can play a key role in planning for large-scale projects4.Capable for the project evaluation, drawings verification, deepening and detailing the design;5.Good at hand sketching and drawing, be able to control the overall effect of the layouts and graph;6.Familiar with national urbanization and local planning policy compliance; 7.Strong creative ability, fast, efficient and reliable strong customer service consciousness;8.With strong team work spirit;9.Excellent graphical and computer skills (CAD, Sketch Up Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D programs and Microsoft Office.10.Excellent English skill in both oral and written;11.Candidate with more experience will be considered for the senior position
12000 - 25000 RMB/Month | full-time | other | none
Logo of Zhongshan Huading Creative Technology Co., Ltd
Social platform Designer
Posted 3 months ago
Job responsibilities:1. Responsible for the design of the overall image and visual style of online stores, commodities and brands, as well as the creative design of promotional activities, product promotion and special page.2. Pay close attention to the industry trend, have unique ideas and ideas, and effectively integrate the design concept and technology implementation.3. Improve the performance ability of product, control the design and optimization of text and image of detail page, and reasonably distribute the layout of page display and poster, so as to improve the transformation of products.4. Responsible for the design of advertising map, cooperate with the store manager, output excellent advertising map design, improve the click through rate of products.5. Have good design expression and creative ideas, have the ability of marketing thinking and cross department cooperation.6. It can continuously optimize and improve the visual essence of the brand, and strengthen and enhance the influence of the brand in the market.Requirements:1. Aged 25-35 years, bachelor degree or above, foreigners, overseas Chinese or Chinese with rich foreign life experience are preferred.2. Strong creative ability, familiar with e-commerce page design, hand drawing experience is preferred.3. Good communication and management skills, strong resistance to pressure.4. Proficient in using various design software (Photoshop, AI, CorelDRAW, Dreamweaver), good design concept, good grasp of color and website layout, good aesthetic vision and display ability.5. Fully responsible for the management of store design art team.6. There are mature commercial design case works;7. 3 years related working experience.Salary: 8K-15K(Specific salary to be negotiated)Contact: Ms.Yang Job highlights Work visa Paid annual leave Medical & accidental insurance Skills Design software and video shooting Language • Chinese, Conversational • English, Native level var TIAOJIAN_NUM =0;
8000 - 15000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none
Logo of Yotta Games
Game Ui Designer
Posted 4 months ago
Yotta Games shanghai, shanghai
Responsibilities1.Responsible for UI design including interface, icons, buttons etc. based on game style.2.Ability to summarize and make art standards as well as assist plan Dep. to finish interface design.3.Responsible for logo, typeface, graphic design, etc. 4.Other related visual design.Job Requirements1.Art design major or related, solid knowledge of art and hand drawing ability.2.Good use of design software such as Photoshop, Flash, etc.3.Proficient in visual design, good understanding of interactive design and communication skills.General Info- Job type: Full time position- Location: SHANGHAI, Nearby Line 2 Loushanguan rd- Starting Date: ASAP (~2 months)- Salary Range: 20,000 ~ 40,000 RMB (depending on experience)- Working Visa: Provided- Working hours: Mon-Fri: To Be Discussed Job highlights Work visa Free meal var TIAOJIAN_NUM =0;
20000 - 40000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none
Logo of AM Fashion Group
Womenswear Designer
Posted 5 months ago
AM Fashion Group shanghai, shanghai
1. Collection of trend information;2. Complete the design of the garment according to the product structure framework and progress (drawing of renderings and follow-up and modification confirmation of ready-to-wear);3. Understand market trends, discuss and participate in analysis and research reports, pay attention to commodity sales, and make timely adjustments;4. Have a deep understanding of fabrics, accessories, craftsmanship, and shape. Communicate and collaborate with purchasers, pattern designers, sample clothing workers, etc. to complete clothing design, pattern making, sample production, mass production, shooting, and new. A series of processes;5. Coordination and integration of internal and external resources, communication and decision-making within the department's design, technical research and development issues, and improve team work ability;6. Execute other work contents arranged by superior leaders.Qualifications:1. Bachelor degree or above in fashion design, with background in studying abroad is preferred;2. More than 3 years of women's brand design experience, and team management experience is preferred;3. Have a keen insight into the fashion style of women's clothing, can grasp the fashion trend of clothing, and be familiar with European and American brands and independent designer brands;4. Familiar with the process of clothing;5. Good at collocation of clothing, have an accurate judgment on the popularity of fabrics, and can collect and select suitable fabric materials;6. Proficient in graphic design software such as Photoshop and Coreldraw;7. Careful and meticulous work, clear and organized, proactive, responsible and teamwork Job highlights Flexible working hours Paid annual leave Transportation allowance Skills Photoshop Coreldraw Language • Chinese, Basic var TIAOJIAN_NUM =0;
15000 - 30000 RMB/Month | full-time | Other | none